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What were your new year’s resolutions? It’s been x number of days since you made that list! Are you still keeping up?

new year

I do not mean to dampen the spirit ladies and gentlemen but for most of us, the answer is NAY! Why am I bringing this up you may ask and how do you turn that around?

Here are 5 reasons that may have caused you to give up on those new year’s resolutions too soon.

1. You Had Too Many New Year’s Resolutions

A good number of us start the year with a herculean spirit and want to be supermen and women. While there is no problem with that, you have got to start with the baby steps dear.


Especially if it is something new. This may be attested to pure ambition or you are simply not happy with where you are in life and you are ready for a complete make-over!

I say Amen to that because I know exactly what that feels like.

What to do

Take it in bits and pieces, step by step. Look over that list again, decide what is most important to you and start with that.

Do only that for some time. I always say that as long as you have breath and are healthy, you can always start again from wherever you are.

Now focus all your energy and attention on that one thing. You will be amazed at what you can do once you make that final decision.

2. Is your Goal Right from your Heart?

Did you write it simply because you want to be like everyone else? Was it because of peer pressure? Are you doing it because of someone else or because of something else?

To prove yourself for the wrong reasons? If it is not from your heart then honey you are simply wasting your time because even if you do get it, it will not have the impact that you truly desired when you were pursuing it.


Besides that, if it is not from your heart then you are likely to give up when times get tough, and trust me they sure will.

What to do

Do some soul search and ask yourself who you truly want to become. Let it not be tethered to the worldly expectation of what the world says you should be.

Listen to that whisper deep within you that is calling to be heard. This will be based on who you truly are as a person, untainted by the outward voices.

You are here on this planet with a purpose and you are to make an impact only your uniqueness can. One clue is that when it is from the heart, there will be a feeling of peace and immense joy when doing it.

3. Commitment! Commitment! Commitment!

This is an area most of us struggle with, me included though I am slowly making positive progress. In most instances, most of us say, ‘Well let me just try. If I fail at least I will have tried.

Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news darling but with this attitude, chances are this won’t fuel your fire and make you want to really go for it!

What to do

When you are really sure that this is what you want to do or that this gives you purpose in life then this is how you speak, right from the pit of your being, “I must do this and I must excel in it! There is no way around it.”

new year's resolution

This reminds me of a story of a soldier in command who went to war with his soldiers traveling by ship. Once they got to shore he ordered that the ship they had come in be burned.

The enemies they were up against were more in number and very skillful. They felt inferior in comparison.

He then told them that there was no other way they were going back home other than by the enemies’ ship. They either had to win or die. Guess what! Those soldiers won!

When there is no other option other than winning or excelling, you are definitely going to win.

4. Shortsightedness!

Most of us imagine that there is still time but that is an illusion. You only have now. You can never be sure about tomorrow because the unwanted visitor can knock on your door at any time.

The unexpected happens sometimes.

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Imagine yourself one year from now having done nothing about where you wanted to be and it is January again.

change the world

That makes me cringe at myself in disgust because where I have been was a self-made hell on earth. How would your future look if you did nothing to change the present?

What to do

Imagine yourself 1 year from now or in the future having done nothing! This is what will happen if you do nothing.

Will you like that person? Will you like your life and your circumstances knowing the decisions you made led you there? If not do something now.

A friend once said it perfectly. “In life, you will either choose to suffer the pain of discipline or bear and suffer the pain of regret.”

5. Your Negativity Costs You More Than You Think

You say you want something. Part of you desires it but you are spewing sewage onto that dream with your words and thoughts.

You say you can’t and envy those who are where you want to be. At times those beautiful lips spill words of spite and bitterness.

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Other people’s success threatens you and in your own way, you wish they did not have it all or that you were like them.

Your mind is filled with self-defeat thoughts and your heart, jealousy, and bad vibes. The good news is, you can change this.

What to do

The energy you put out is what comes back to you. More and more bad things come your way when you think more about them and more especially when you emotionalize them.

So how about having a heart of gratitude for what you do have, like that amazing body that is whole or that mind that gives you great ideas or your loved ones.


How about you write down what you are grateful for each day. Thank God for placing those you want to be like in your life so that they can teach you a thing or two about success either through observation or interaction.

All in all, fortune comes to those who smile. Be positive and believe. Let your tongue mirror your heart and utter words of prosperity or abundance.

Let your smile draw the right people to you. Affirm the belief that you can. Be a shining light to those around you.

People are drawn to those that are alive and free not the sullen. Let that inner glow surface.

If you want to be something why not now? If you want to do something why not where you are? If you want to make, write or invent something why not today?

I dare us to trust. I dare us to dream again, to be, and most of all to do.

I send you love and light!


Love, Laughter, Peace, Joy, Prosperity, Abundance