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The ego comes from bottling in pain and suffering. Pain, on the other hand, comes holding suffering hand in hand. How to be positive every day, then becomes the fundamental question.

The inner turmoil we feel comes clothed in different forms. It can be bitterness, hatred, low self-esteem, shame, guilt, envy, jealousy, depression, suicidal thoughts, and all negative feelings and thoughts.

We keep feeling like we are less. The ego then makes us believe that times were better in the past or that there is relief from all this in the future.

We, therefore, fail to acknowledge the present and sink in deep into illusions of the past or future. In essence, only the present moment holds the key but when doused in ego, this fact eludes many. What can we do?

1.      Observe our thoughts when considering how to be positive every day.

You are not your thoughts. Most of us think we are, but we are three-part beings made of the body, the mind, and the being.


It is more like water existing in three forms (vapor, liquid, and ice). Looking to experience this?


Read this line then close your eyes for a moment.


Then as though you were on a balcony watching down below, see if you can observe your thoughts.


Who is doing the thinking and who is doing the observing? You are the same person in three different forms.


The being is doing the observing. The mind is doing the thinking and you are experiencing all this through the body.

how to be positive every day

What it all means

What happens when you observe the thought without giving it meaning is that it dissolves just as darkness dissolves when light is cast its way. You can observe your thoughts.


When you do you tend to feel better since you stop the train of thought.

What’s more?

You begin to see how you can control it. Most of our thoughts tend to be negative because of societal programming, imprinting, and copying.


Though it takes persistence and practice, this can shift. The mind is a tool meant to create. For most of us, this tool is untrained and so it works against us.


When we cannot stop our line of thought, or even control what we think about, it is because our tool is untrained.


2.      Raise our energy vibration.

We raise our vibration when we reconnect with our truest self which is being. Some call this the soul or spirit.


When we relax and stop the train of thought, we automatically gravitate toward our being. It is the ego that masks us from experiencing it directly.


What I mean is, you are by default powerful, joyous, fun-filled, enthusiastic, loving, gentle, supportive, genius, strong, courageous, truthful, faith-filled, hopeful, humble, creative…


You can go ahead and add to the list of the positive forms you wish to experience. At your core, you have it all.


By raising your vibration through silence, and making the mind go quiet, you automatically experience peace and you get a glimpse of your core. This way, you will begin to discover how to be positive every day.

how to be positive every day

3.      Switch on positive thoughts and you will figure out how to be positive every day.

Once you get to observe your thoughts, realizing that you are not exactly one with them, transformation starts.


Thoughts from an untrained mind come from ego (Your false self brought shaped by programming, imprinting, and copying the outside world).


You can deliberately choose positive thoughts even though this takes practice. At first, it seems impossible because of the momentum built by your untrained mind over the years.


One thing that helps is affirmations, which can take the form of meditation or mirror talk.


Once you observe a negative thought experience, become aware of it and without judgment, tell yourself something positive instead. You can even have stick notes around your room with these reminders that help you bloom


4.      Meditate

Meditation slows down the thought process through mantra, visualization, or focusing on your breathing.

It makes you concentrate on one line of thought only instead of jumping to another which raises your vibration and brings your being self to the fore.


When considering how to be positive every day, here you can get in touch with your truest self and even be guided through life by receiving answers from your core and higher self; the know-all part of you.


Answers come to you not from your mind but from the deepest part of you and they come encased in love, peace, and joy.


Meditation is a door to the world within, and it is here, that you discover power, abundance, prosperity as you get to know that the world outside of you is an illusion. It provides conversation with your innermost being.


Some call this ‘speaking to your heart’ or ‘following your heart.’ It does so step by step. It is like taking water from a swimming pool constantly but with a cup. It makes no difference at first, but with persistence, there is a change.


A mantra is a set of words that you gently repeat to yourself. They can be affirmations meant to reset your mind as you start to train it. This goes hand in hand with your feelings and I will tackle that in the next section.


Visualization is all about imagination. It is a form of mantra that uses mental images and projections just like a dream. It also resets the mind and emotions.


Breathing resets your body system through deep breaths. It also makes you focus on one string of thought which trains and rests the mind, making your body whole in the process.

5.      Observe Our Emotions and feelings

Emotions and feelings go together. An emotion is a practiced thought that reveals itself more vividly through feelings.


When we feel bad, or depressed, or negative, it is because of a practiced thought that has taken root in our psyche.


Thoughts take root in our energy field by being emotions that then attract to us that same energy.


When we feel bad, it normally goes to worse if not checked because that is the energy flowing from us.


Just like observing our thoughts, we can also observe feelings the same way. When we truly look at the feeling while detached from it from our balcony, it dissolves and peace takes its place.


When finding out how to be positive every day but the negative feelings linger, then gently observing it is enough. Just like a wheel that has momentum, it takes some time before taking effect.


6.      Journal

What we focus on grows and the more we talk about our problems and write about them, the more we attract that energy.


It is one law of the universe. However, there are moments that can be so painful and we need to let it all out. In that case, get your journal and write it all down.


We may cry during the process and that is all okay. Scream into your pillow if you have to.


These are experiences that are strongly charged with emotion.


Once out there, take a moment to notice if the experience teaches you something or if there is anything positive about the experience since you are trying to figure out how to be positive every day.


This can take some time to figure out and at first, it may still all be positive lessons. You may notice that these root in bitterness and pain.


After all that, calm down, and meditate if you have to. With the help of your being, you will begin to see the lessons you needed to take from the experience that stems from this. Love, your truest self then comes to the fore.


Then bless the experience and toss it away, keeping the lesson. Ego will want to keep remembering the experience. Remember though everything is for you and never against you.

how to be positive every day


Even though your truest self is your being, found within you, most of us operate from the ego level, where what matters is external.


Pain and suffering occur when we do not honor our being. At the level of the ego, life is brutal, competitive, painful, treacherous, mean, and ugly. We are backstabbed and we get stumbled on.


At the level of the being however we realize that love is all there is and to get here, all we have to do is go inward.


When we do this, we realize we are God energy which makes us gods by default. Imagine that! Positivity then becomes an experience we live with every day, not just a belief and a longing!


This is how to be positive every day! Positivity is your default! Heck did you hear me? We are gods.