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Imagine if you felt as powerful as you can imagine where the word impossible simply meant I’m possible. What would it feel like if you evolved to the best version of yourself? Where you were reconciled with your true essence, your child-like sense, that felt you could do and be anything?

We at Chema Chajiuza also have a podcast, a YouTube channel, a bookChema Chajiuza Program Seminar, that steers one in the right direction. Aside from that, we have TikTok with videos that give a dose of positivity with every glance.

About the Writer

Mercy June Juma is a Psychologist by profession. She is a fashion enthusiast and the Founder of Chema Chajiuza. She lives in Kenya and is currently running a seminar program meant to help people connect to their inner power, purpose and also connect to their inner light so that they live lives of abundance and prosperity. She is a lover of animals and her nose seems to always be stuck in a book. Her world is surrounded by beauty, music, art, literature, nature, and love!
She is literally your girl next door! With a tad bit of uniqueness of course! If it’s artistic, musical, creative, stylish, comical, motivational, psychological, philosophical, or intellectual, she is reading it, watching it, thinking it, doing it, or playing it! She has a dog and two cats and she seeks to leave the world better than she found it in every way she can.
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