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The world had fallen in frequency from the 33rd dimension all the way to the 3rd and the gods were reduced to mere mortals and then enslaved by humans. A war had ensued. Screams became a daily norm as fear loomed and desperation beckoned, its fangs clutching souls and, drenching out every ounce of light within and replacing it with darkness. Pain, now a constant companion, laughed as hope held on by a hair strand and fought not to be snuffed out completely. Desolate. Bare. Disjointed from their power. Poor, both in spirit and more so in physicality. Gods were now captives.

Their land, which was their source of power, had been completely destroyed. Their mountains, where crystals held their source of power, were bombed to the ground and their trees of life glazed to the ground. Mercy, which is what they had shown humans as they entered their planet became their greatest regret.

Thus they only now knew the pain of betrayal as lashes landed on bare backs echoing through their motherland. They were reduced to donkeys who toiled all day long, industrializing their motherland but for the benefit of these invaders. Their land now seemed foreign as it gurgled their blood and bore the marks of its people’s screams and anguish. They became animals to be sold at will. Chains adorned their wrists and feet, replacing priceless ornaments of gold and diamond that Mother Nature granted freely.

They got brainwashed. Hypnotized and then programmed to believe they were primitive, idiotic, and barbaric. They forgot their history since their power source was gone. The sun beings had grown weak, their skin turned black even though they were red, green, and blue beings. Sons and daughters lost their parents, who were slaughtered in front of them as mother Kai, their planet mourned in silent tears as her being’s blood drained into her.

Then humans taught these children a new culture and way of being, making them believe that they were a race meant to be spat on always. These innocents lost their sense of self, and since their authority figures were now humans who looked different from them, they numbly believed them. Their advanced technology was in ruins, and the rest hidden, their knowledge now kept hidden and their power source snatched away.

The culture programmed into them ensured they would forever remain captive. One secret that was knowledge lethal to their system, called the false matrix, was to awaken to their power. These gods would have to go within them. And so for hundreds of years, gods forgot who they were. Instead, they believed they were inferior. Primitive. Violent. Disastrous. Humans towered from then on. The god’s technology was destroyed. Children of the gods were then conditioned to hate themselves. Blood continued to stream into the core and rivers of motherland Kai, as it cried for its children.

Humans, however, could never completely sever the ties between the gods and their planet. Kai, on the other hand, could never forever be under the thumb of these pests, thirsty for power and inhuman to those whose energy it channeled. Just like the gods, Kai too was kept captive. Humans, with the help of a god, Zeus who had turned on his people, knew Kai’s energy channels. Some called this the meridians and Zeus built infrastructure along Kai’s meridian veins to siphon its power. Zeus, also known as Enlil however, did not know everything.

Hearing their cries for help, deciding enough was enough, and then offering them a way out, Kai gave its children hidden truths. These truths were reduced to whispers that came to them in dreams, comforting them, and reminding those who were ready to listen that it was time for battle. It protected them. Probed them to seek their power once more and go within and reconnect with nature which had always obeyed the gods and would seek them too. The way to win this was to act as though they were asleep and follow orders without question, while in secret offering guidance, protection, and unconditional love.

The humans, under the leadership of Zeus, predicted this and introduced a clever way to spy on humans. It introduced a physical gadget called phones, and something called the internet. Later it introduced smart televisions that did the same. Because their DNA was reduced to only the first three chakras, they had to rely more on their physical senses. Gods had not needed these gadgets before for they were telepathic.

It took a while, but then a few who trusted Kai’s wisdom chose to fight back. A god’s spirit could not be killed. It could only be dulled. Deep down they knew they had to fight. Not in hate and misery but with love and power. Just as one walked with two legs, one blow held light, and the other darkness, for humans only understood darkness at that time.

Each was asked to represent both light and darkness. For a human’s will represents both. And their free will to choose which one to grow was law forever held supreme by the higher hierarchy of the cosmos council. The gods were light from the 33rd dimension, cast into a third dimension frequency of darkness. Their light orbs were dipped in mudded holes and for a time, it seemed as if they were in darkness too.

It took Earth years when a physical war broke out. A war their ancestors swore to never invite in again, for its darkness had tainted their souls and introduced fear and hate into their hearts. It had taken them farther away from where they wanted to be. It went against who they really were.

The physical battle was won. But there was a spiritual battle ongoing. Humans were crafty fellas. They wanted to keep gods forever captive and since they were masters of the ego, a foreign concept to the gods, they used it, chaining them without gods ever realizing it.

It was only very few masters who had listened to the whispers of Mother Kai and nature that realized these chains and avoided them expertly.

From when they were born, gods wore chains of captivity even without realizing it. First, through programming, they got brainwashed that they were primitive creatures who had to become modern. Their culture had rituals grounding them in nature, and their inner wisdom was called evil. It was branded as witchcraft.

Thus it was shunned. Religion snatched away their knowledge to manipulate energy and transcend natural laws. It introduced to them an unnatural concept called white Jesus, who was Zeus, pulling and manipulating everything by calling himself Jesus and stealing the identity of a being called Yoshua.

When they were born, they were given a birth certificate, a piece of paper that showed they existed and initiated them into the ego system. This initiation made sure they were the property of the government, which meant they had to serve and pay for their existence till the day they died. Then they would be given a death certificate signifying that they had exited the system.