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There is nothing you cannot do, be or have

Does your work embody who you are and do you love your career? Does it give you a sense of purpose and make you have that sense of satisfaction that you are doing what you were born to?

The fact is that, if your job does not turn on your full current, if it does not make your creative juices ooze and flow through you, if it does not energize and fulfill you then it is time to think twice about your career!

There are a lot of people who are miserable in their careers. This happens when you do not love your career. Their jobs do not align with who they are and the things that matter to them. Some statistics, the Deloitte shift index survey go as far as shockingly stating that 80% of people are in the wrong careers.

However, some still argue that with the current economy lapses in a good number of countries all over the world, one cannot afford the luxury of doing what they love because jobs are scarce and you’ve got to deal with that! Some say that what you love will not always earn you money. I am here to state otherwise.

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Question is, would you rather be tired, unfulfilled, unmotivated, stressed out, unhappy, and feel like you are on a monotonous journey whose destination you subconsciously know but are unwilling to accept?

love your careerNapoleon Hill clearly states in his book, ‘Think and Grow Rich’ that when one is truly ready for a thing, then it puts in its appearance and when he or she desires a thing so deeply that he or she is willing to stake his or her entire future for a single turn of the wheel then he is sure to get it.

When you love your career, dreams can very much become a reality when you know how to turn them into one. This is a psychological and scientific fact, and not merely a fantasy idea. Many have done so, and anyone else also can.  Bottom-line! ANYTHING CAN EARN YOU MONEY AND RICHES WITH THE RIGHT MINDSET AND CREATIVITY!

Following our passions guarantee success tenfold compared to what we force ourselves to do. Passion is a tell-tale sign of what our gifts are. Want to know if you love your career? Here are the other signs that you are in the right career. They are inspired by Martha Beck’s Finding your own North Star and partly put together by The Daily Muse. 

Grab a pen and a piece of paper and answer: OftenSometimesrarely, or never to each of the following statements. Be truthful to yourself.
  1. I get excited every morning when I get out of bed.
  2. I feel accomplished when I fall asleep
  3. I feel overwhelmed with gratitude
  4. My life feels like a grand adventure
  5. I have fun
  6. Things seem to work out for me
  7. I do things I love
  8. I feel on top of my game
  9. I get so involved in projects that I lose track of time
  10. People seem to enjoy being around me
  11. I do what I deeply want to do even if it’s scary
  12. I have great ideas
  13. I feel so much love for other people even my co-workers
  14. I use my imagination
  15. I feel deeply understood.
  16. I look forward to Mondays
  17. I feel proud of what I do and can freely tell people about it.
  18. I don’t understand how people could hate their jobs.
  19. I have mentors and people around me who want me to do well.
  20. My job is in line with my values.
  21. I can picture my career in my distant future
I bet you now have your answers.

Well, here is how to score your answers and know if you love your career. If you DO NOT have most of your answers as often, followed by sometimes, this is likely to be an indicator that your work life or some part of your life needs improvement and the good news is, it is very possible to change it: learn how in the following article. Stay tuned!

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I send you love and light!

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