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getting rich

One of the natural laws of the universe is the law of cause and effect where each action has a reaction. What one does to another comes back to them in equal measure or even more. This is what we call Karma.

However much anyone would want to escape it, karma works. So using people will have others do the same actions to you.

Having said this, what are the do’s as well as don’ts of getting rich? How can one ensure that the wealth they are building will stand the test of time? 

Getting Rich At The Expense Of Someone Else

First, we have to ask whether getting rich at the expense of another is pleasant to the most truthful you. The part of you that is pure love.

For example, if you were to fit your feet into another person’s shoes with the roles are reversed, what would the other person, wish was done to them?

If women and men treated each other as they would want to be treated then the world would be a much better place to live in.

Heaven and Hell 

There is this analogy used about the concept of heaven and hell. In both cases when it is time to eat, the only spoons available are a foot long.

In hell, everyone is trying to use these spoons to feed on their own. Since it is practically impossible, there is a lot of mess as everyone does this.


When it comes to heaven, on the other hand, everyone else is feeding the other person opposite them. There is love as well as joy as each person cares about another. 

In short, there is the concept of giving and taking which is a balance. Life should be of service to other people.

True riches come because of solving a problem in the universe and because of serving others. When all that life amounts to is the concept of me, myself, and I, then we miss the mark.

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Just to mention, these rules belong to your soul. They are decoded within you. I do not even have to mention them for deep within you already know them. I state the following while being present. Please use them as they resonate.

 The do’s include:

  1. Respect. When a person honors those around them, that energy comes back to them in equal measure. Respect is when an individual values another’s input and sense of originality even in cases where it is different from theirs. They see the uniqueness of the other person and treasure it.
  2. Love. People have to ask what unconditional love would do in every situation, and then follow the intuition to serve everyone in that regard, that is, serve them from a place of love.
  3. Empathy. When you show empathy, normally you would imagine how it would feel in another person’s shoes. You would want to consider how another person feels. Apart from that, you want to understand why another person behaves the way they do. You would always consider how another would feel when put in that position you want them in.

getting rich

You have to ask whether you would want to get rich and be the only one at the top.  Lonely, with no social circle and no family because you got there by using everyone in every way you could by bulldozing it to the top.

The Don’ts Include:

  1. Greed. Life is about serving others since this is what gets one to the very top and has them stay at the top. When greed gets in the way, we rarely think about others. What comes to the fore is only yourself.
  2. Manipulation. This is where someone seeks to control another, having them do what they want by pulling the strings like a puppet just because they believe they are better, smarter, or better placed than the other person.
  3. Ambition at the expense of everyone else. The question to ask in this case is whether you would do anything to get rich. For example, you could ask whether you are willing to climb over people’s heads or hurt others just to get what you want.


In conclusion, you can get rich using other people but getting there by doing this doesn’t last much. It is also not as fulfilling.

A better way to get there would be through love, empathy, respect, together with service. On the contrary, getting rich through manipulation, cheating, taking advantage of people, greed, self-centeredness, or bigotry goes against the person that you truly are.

Offering service to others is the only fulfilling way to get there.

love peace joy prosperity abundance