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Emotion is created by motion so, how can you get what you desire and attract it through emotions?

Inspired By Tonny Robins

How can you get what you desire?Today we are just going to have an honest conversation. Let’s get real here. What do you want in this life? Well I bet some answers I could receive would be, the love of my life, more money, a body that makes you feel like a goddess,a successful business, a successful career, a more abundant life, happiness, cars, wealth or academic success. If I went deeper and asked you why you wanted that, maybe you would say the status would be worth it, like it would be a major boost to your ego.

If I went further and kept asking why you wanted the status, maybe you would say that you would be respected more or loved more. When it gets down to it though, what really matters about all these things is how you feel about yourself. These things you want are a gateway to feeling great about yourself as much as they are from the outside. You see yourself feeling amazing because of them!

Let me ask you this now.

Are there people who are unhappy but even though they have gotten there? People who do not like their businesses anymore even though it has brought them money or they swim in wealth yet you find them depressed or having committed suicide? I could give names but it would be better coming from you.

Are there people who seem like they have it all but still seem to take drugs to make themselves feel good? Weed, Cocaine, Alcohol, Cigarettes, food, you name it! They are looking for that feeling where they seem unstoppable, where the world is at their feet. I told you about Mr.X for example. In my world, this guy had a lot achieved at his age. We were age mates, but his vision and sense of direction was off the charts!

What happens though?

We go clubbing and he is taking all there is to take just to give himself that high? I see a side to him that is hidden in the limelight. Suddenly his mask is off and I see the real person for a moment. Someone trying to deal with his own pain. A pain hidden in confidence and success which has his peers wanting to be like him. I mean the guy inspired me. Still does even though we split ways.

What if I told you that what you are trying to feel through the drugs and through the success of getting what you want, you can feel right here, right now in this moment and I could show you now? Would you believe it if I told you that you did not need drugs to feel like you are on top of the world? How about if I told you that from this moment on, life can feel like heaven, despite what is going on on the outside?

It is hidden behind the two personas that were brought out the day I went clubbing for the first time. One is super-confident and in control and does not have a care in the world. She is fun, she is free and she struts it like she owns the place, and at that moment it sure does feel like he owns the place.

The other side of her is bottled up in a shell of her own and she is shy and withdrawn. It almost seems as if you are staring at two different people. The situation is also similar because even at Ololua I was with strangers yet that did not matter. So what happened? Why the difference? How did I come from feeling on top of the world to a scaredy cat that wants to bury her head in the sand?

how can you get what you desire

I will tell you why.

In one situation, I used my power move, and in the other, I cowered. Ever felt like there are moments when your brain seems like it is just working against you? It feels like you have to work hard to remember names or things like come naturally to you like your pin number, password, or even phone number. Your brain seems dead? You feel uninspired and you feel like you can do nothing about it? You feel depressed, and low and your energy is just way below the radar?

Are there other times when you feel on top of the world? Ever felt like a genius like you knew how to finally work something out? Or you gave an answer or an idea that was just brilliant? When you gave a speech and got a standing ovation and you could see respect written on the people’s faces you were with. Or you did do something that just seemed so beautiful? Composed something genius?

Well, the same person, but different outcomes?


It is simply because one time your brain was in a ‘stupid state’ and the other moment, you were tuned into your genius! Can we always switch this? Yes! And you know something, you do not have to depend on drugs to do it! What’s more, you can always feel like this.

There are two ways to do this. One is through your physiology or physical body, and two is through your mental power. In this article, I am only going to talk about the physical way, then we will dwell on the mental way in the next article. Are you ready to change your life for good? The drugs do this but what’s more is, we lose control. Could we master the art of getting high naturally? Whenever?

Tapping to Amazing Feelings Through Our Physical State

Your Body will Lead Your Mind

You are at your best self when you are in a state of passion. Think for a moment, how do you act when you are talking about something that you are really excited about? How do you breathe? Do you breathe deeply or shallowly? How does your face look? Does it look downcast or tight, smiling, and happy? How does your voice sound? Is it low or bubbly and loud? Is it slow or fast? How is your posture? How do your shoulders look? Slumped or up straight? Are your movements rapid or slow? Now how do you act when you are feeling low, depressed and uninspired?

how can you get what you desire

Right this instant, imagine yourself in this state and act it! Yes! I mean that. How do you act when you are feeling on top of the world? How do you walk, talk, dress, and address? Start doing that right this instant. If you are someplace you can’t or driving, sit up straight and pretend you are making a phone call to someone and you are really passionate and excited about what you are talking about! Do it now!  Come on? Are you doing it? Have you done it? How does it feel?

What of the opposite if suppose you are feeling down and depressed? Now do that now!! Come on. Stop whatever you are doing and do it!

Now fun and passionate, on top of the world. Now depressed. Notice your physical body and how it is changing every time. Do the switch like three times and keep noting the difference. Come on let’s have some fun!!

The results speak for themselves.

When you activate it you feel it, so act it! And keep acting it! What’s more?

  1. Control your breathing/ take breathing exercises. Smoking cigarettes does that because you control your breathing and that is why you seem more relaxed. Yoga is another example and that is why it helps a lot with stress. Breathe deeply and strongly and already you can see the difference
  2. Manipulate your face and posture. Just stop right now and smile, fully smile, come on! Now try getting mad while looking up, shoulders back, and smiling. Quite hard to do right? Manipulate your face as you would if you were in your power mode and you snap into it!
  3. Control your diet and get enough sleep!! Don’t need to go there do I?

You can add more that work for you specifically because there are tonnes but this will get you started.

Good day My friends!