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Some time back I got a glimpse into how people become sick and what they can do about it. It was from Dolores Cannon .  After that I tried it on myself and for three years now, I have not been to a doctor’s office. WOW!! Right? But how do you heal and recover?

Disease comes from dis-ease, not being at ease, which is why it is always key to resolve your inner feelings. But then you may ask, what about germs, bacteria, unhealthy cells, and whatnot? How do you heal and recover in this case?

To this I reply, doesn’t your body have white blood cells that fight disease? Your body naturally heals itself. It knows how to, most especially when we provide the energy needed for it to do so.

Ever heard of people healing themselves from cancer? Well, I have! More than once. You can heal yourself. ‘How do you heal and recover,’ is the question, right?

Listen to your body

Listen to how you feel about something. When you do that purely, you will know whether what you are doing is in line with your being or you are betraying yourself by doing it. Give your body the right energy. If there is a disconnect between your actions and what you are feeling or being guided to do, dis-ease makes its way to your physical body and presents itself as a disease.

how do you heal and recover

Listen to Your Feelings.

Feeling is the language of your soul. Are you rejuvenated and feeling enthusiastic about something? This is an indication that your spirit agrees.

If your feelings are veering off towards the negative then please listen to that. Be true to who you are. That is how you prevent dis-ease.

Apart from this, feeling negative in general also leads to disease, and your whole inner light and aura is affected. This begs the question, are you feeding your ego or your highest self?

There are two masters in each person. Some may refer to this as the satan energy versus the angel energy. One is in line with your ego (satan energy) while the other is in line with your highest consciousness (angel/God energy).

What I simply mean by this is that when you honor your highest consciousness which is in line with your purest intention, beauty, and power, you are in line with your truest self (God energy).

On the other hand, when you deceive yourself and go against what your truest self is whispering to you and guiding you to do, then you are giving life to disease (Ego/satan energy).

How do you heal and recover?

Which energy are you feeding?

Feeding your being/God energy results in your overall well-being though it takes more effort at first. Why is this you may wonder? It’s because we have been programmed by the world to feed the ego energy.

This is why sickness is the norm in society. Your truest self is obscured by the ego which has us believe that we are separate from each other.

We then treat each other with so much animosity without knowing that we are doing it to ourselves. Sickness then comes crawling in. The separation shuts off our light and healing energy.

Love Energy: The core behind healing

Being energy has us operating from pure love, both for ourselves and for everyone and everything around us. With this energy, we are whole and we get to understand who we are at our core.

Love is our default self. Being is our automatic presence. We do not realize this because most of us operate from the ego. When in touch with our being, we bless everything and everyone because we operate at a higher frequency vibration.

This vibration heals, unifies, and introduces us to our power within. Still pondering the question, ‘How do you heal and recover?’ This is how.

How to identify the ego? More on how do you heal and recover?

The ego is our false self that comes from outward programming, imprinting, traumas, and negative experiences. It feeds from pain and all things negative.

Ego wants us to believe that we are either inferior or superior to others based on our outward achievements or how we present ourselves externally.

Feeding from the ego creates an energy field that is disjointed and misaligned with our default self. When feeding from pain, we create even more pain, both for ourselves and others, and this pain at times manifests as illness. We attract it to ourselves.

How do you overcome this and win?

How do you heal and recover? Healing the illness from within

Simply meditate. Meditation is the process by which you slow the mind activity and bring forth your being energy. The ego is most often aligned with the mind when untrained. The mind forever chatters and never rests.

How to do it meditate:

When you meditate, start by taking deep breaths. This will slow down the mind chatter especially when you slowly concentrate on your breath movement.

After you feel relaxed, imagine that with each in breath, you are bringing in light, wellness, and whole health into your body.

Imagine soul energy entering your body and healing each cell within.

Then imagine each out-breath going out with every toxic energy in your system.

From there you can then imagine how it feels to fully love without any expectation. Imagine yourself forgiving yourself for every wrong thing you feel you have done. Then imagine yourself forgiving everyone else.

From there let in an inflow of love with each breath. You can also imagine angels hugging you with abundant love or those you feel have wronged you.

More so, embrace them with unconditional love as well. This might take practice. Be patient.

From then on repeat words to yourself words of healing. You can say, “I invite, healing, wholeness, and light into me. Thank you because I am healed.”

If it feels as though you are lying to yourself, identify words that seem true to you. You could say, “I am healing.” Saying it at first might feel like lying because of all the programming your mind has gone through. Please be patient with yourself.

Parting shot

Beliefs are practiced thoughts that have taken place over the years. With practice, beliefs can be changed, and even though it takes some work, your beliefs can be rewired. By doing mirror talk and affirmations, you are rewiring them. This takes persistence and practice.

Since practiced thoughts also form emotions, to fully transform yourself you also have to rewire your emotions or the affirmations will not work.

Conclusion: How do you heal and recover from illness?

Imagine raising your vibration to love. Love heals all. Imagine being love and living in a world full of love. Love is all there is for you are God energy and God is love. You too are love.

Feelings are harder to acknowledge and at times harder to recognize. But beneath it all, they carry the truth.

Feeling is the language of your soul.

Beliefs are practiced thoughts that have taken place over the years. How do you heal and recover from disease? Listen to how you feel and then choose the direction where you feel bliss, where your soul sings. Choose feelings that make your spirit dance and your being soar.