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In the eye of the storm, there is quiet wisdom that silently whispers in our ears, but if only we would listen.

inner chaos

That problem you have that you feel might overwhelm you or drain your reserves is energy meant to propel you forward towards your evolution.

This evolution of yours also adds to the greater whole, meaning that it adds to the world’s evolution.

It is not meant to make you want to end it all, or discourage or even make you give up. It is meant to redirect you, show you whether you are headed the right way, help you sync to your inner world, and get the answers you seek.

inner peace

What is life trying to teach you at this moment and how can you shut out the chaos and listen?

For some prayer helps. There are moments when this one actually works for me.

For some meditation works. This is where you tune out the voice chatter of the universe and listen to your soul.


It is a kind of silent conversation with your purest entity and guides. This has also helped me quite a bit.

For some, the answers come during that alone time where it’s just ‘me, myself, and I.’ When we are silent, we can hear what our inner being is trying to guide us towards.


Whatever situation you are currently facing has a lesson attached to it. It is only by remembering this lesson or acknowledging it that life is going to propel us forward towards our next quest level.

When we do not learn the lesson, we mostly find ourselves in a cycle.

Same script different cast kind of scenario.

With each cycle as life tries to teach, it makes the experiences more severe, because more than anything it wants us to listen. The urgency is depicted by the pain or discomfort we experience.

We choose our rate of growth, based on how fast we listen to our being, then follow its guidance. The cycles of similar experiences keep us in a rut.

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So what are you struggling with today? What is life trying to teach you? Is it trying to help you remember something?

If you can figure that out by truly listening, then you have already solved it. Trust in divine timing. If the answers do not come right away then trust that they will come at the perfect time because they will.

The world has been known to be a very harsh place to exist in.

However, can you believe me when I tell you that its opposite also exists alongside it and you just need to tune into its vibration?

This world is also filled with unconditional love that knows no bounds. It is filled with grace, mercy, kindness, laughter, joy, and all those other different rays of love that come to mind.

Similar to the two sides of a coin, the one you place your focus on is the one that comes to be once flipped.

And even when the world shows you its harsh fangs, your inner radiance and your sense of world beauty still remain intact when you are grounded in rays of love.


Because your radiance towards it is from an inner place that does not change despite the seasons life brings you.

There is a stillness that stays the same, and that stillness is what brings the physical world into form. Find it and your world will never be the same.

How do you end the chaos? Find the stillness within, then listen to it and follow its guidance.

love peace joy prosperity abundance