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Thoughts are the driving wheel of your emotions. What you feel right now are thoughts expressed through the body.

Since you are a co-creator of your reality, your thoughts are the first step of your creative process. It is true that what you think you become. Good thing is, you can create your thoughts and change them.


Observe how you feel for a moment. Allow me to categorize the feelings in the most basic way. Are you feeling good or bad?

Can you ask yourself why you are feeling like that? Next please observe your thoughts. What are you thinking about right at this moment? Emotions represent the core energy that your thoughts present.

It is your thoughts that make you either excited about your day and whatever is going in it or depress you.


Because you give meaning to your experience and you are the one who decides whether to call it good or bad when it just is.

Thoughts can make you vamped up about your idea or downright stressed out about it. They can make you want to laugh or cry.

They can make you want to fight for your dreams or give it all up. Your thoughts can make you hate or love. Your thoughts determine whether you take action or give up.

For most of us, our mind controls us instead of the other way around. Is there a moment in your life when your mind is not thinking about anything?

Is there a moment when it is just being? Grounded in the present moment? Blank yet still at ease? For most of us, this might seem unimaginable yet this is how it was created to be.

Your mind is a tool.

How are you supposed to use a tool? You perform the practical task at hand and when you are done, you put it aside and rest.

This is how it should work. For most of us, our mind is a constant chatter machine with no off-switch. To add to that, we are not even in control of what it is that it is yammering on about as it makes a million hoops from this to that to the other!

Since your mind is a creative tool and a link between your body and your spirit, it becomes foundational that we really learn to choose our thoughts.

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The only way to do this is by first quietening the mind chatter and channeling it inward so that the mind gets linked to your spirit self instead of your ego self which is your false self.

One way to do this is through meditation. Another way is learning to stay present in the now.

We can do this by observing our thoughts or putting all of our focus and involving all our senses in what it is we are doing at this present moment.

When we do this we start to notice a shift, though it does not just happen at once. It is like a wheel that you stop spinning.

The momentum continues, then slows down before it eventually stops. It will take strong will, discipline, and practice, for your ego-mind will fight back. It never wants to die.

Stillness is the energy you want to tap into so spending moments each day alone and by yourself where you do nothing other than just observing the world around you, is something you would want to adopt.

You can then tune in to the world through your senses or concentrate on your breathing with your eyes closed and just noticing how you feel and then breathing in love and wholeness then expending all the negative energy you might feel as you breathe out.

From there you can ask questions concerning whatever it is you seek guidance in and then watch out for that still small, quiet voice that responds.

It might take a few attempts before you begin to hear it clearly. It will seem to emanate from your chest. Notice how you feel as these answers come.

Are you surrounded by peace or might it be the ego disguising itself as the voice you seek?


From then on have the courage to trust it and believe it and after that weed out all thoughts that come to you and are not in line with this.

Weeding them out involves observing all the doubt thoughts that come to you as though you were on top of a balcony observing them from above.

When you do this the thought loses its power and its hold on you as though a light were cast into darkness. 

Do the same with the emotions of fear and its relatives that might come your way too. Notice how you feel without being part of the emotion because, in essence, it is not really you.

This quiet voice represents your god-energy and it is a sense meant to guide you through the murky waters of your evolution process.

I send you love and light!

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