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Honey, I’m gon just slap you with the truth! Right from the get-go darling dear, you can feel it. You know whether it is right or not.

The problem is that you refuse to acknowledge what you feel. We have a sense that guides us but mostly we block it sometimes because we cannot trust it.

At times we just want a partner so bad because we fear being alone.

Honey unless you are totally comfortable with being by yourself and totally whole in that sense, such that you feel you do not need a man to complete you, then you are not ready for him yet.

Are you joyous and whole right now? Have you got it all together by yourself? If not then it is time to work on yourself first, before wishing you had the right man to sweep you off your feet!

right man

If you have met him, what was your first instinct when you met him? Was there a repulse reaction that just said nope, nuh-uh? Did you just feel like something was off?

If so you should listen to it. That is your spirit trying to communicate with you and guide you. “Oh but he cute?!!” you might say. I know darling, but he also got trouble spelled all over him!

On the other hand, did you feel an elation of your inner energy? An acknowledgment where you felt peace and a sensation where your inner realm did a dance to let you know that it was a yes sign?

Was there a blank feeling where you felt nothing, signifying that you could make something out of it or let it go?

Listen to your heart and this time be brutally honest with yourself. You know what to do. All you need is guidance and trust in that guidance then faith as you step into the unknown and let your inner guide just see you through.

For most people, this is not easy, for in essence you are being told to jump off the cliff and fly because you have the ability to but you have never done it before and so you feel you might crash.

You are reading this today because the universe somewhat brought this message to you. You do know whether this relationship is right for you or not.


Is there a fear perhaps? That you might never find someone? That being with him is better than nothing?

That you just cannot fathom being alone? That you are getting old and you fear no one will want you? Or that throwing it all away is just too much of a hustle? Your security blanket has been ripped off from under you?

If you know deep within that this man is the best thing that ever happened to you then go on girl! I salute you!

However, if you feel deep within that this relationship does not bring out the best in you then it is time to take that leap of faith and trust that the path with him is just not the one for you.

You might ask, but what if I have a family with him. Children, that depend on both of us? He supports me.

I have never worked a day in my life. How do I even start? Do I just abandon everything? I cannot tell you what to do.

It is your decision to make. But I can tell you this. If your light dims every day just because you are with someone you should not be with, then you have to trust that there is a path for you where you are more aligned with your energy spirit, and today, you are being invited to take it.

The purpose of a relationship is your growth. Your partner is your mirror. The right man reflects back to you, who you are.

He is supposed to help you evolve and a relationship is normally a catalyst for this. The focus should be you and only you.

It should not be him, for when you change yourself, then the reflection in the mirror also changes. The right man is inspired to change too as you step into your power. 

If this is not what is happening with your mirror then it is time to renew that mirror. He is not there to make you happy, to buy you stuff, take you on trips and pamper you like a queen.

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The right man might do all this and still, you will feel like it is not enough. He is there to reflect on you what you are becoming.

If you do not like what you are seeing, then it is time to work on yourself, so that the reflection changes.

No one should make you feel less without your permission!

What am I saying in short? Choose what makes your inner glow and glam shine to its fullest! You are here to grow and evolve and if your partner is not helping you do that then it is not worth staying.

You are light and if it is not shining its brightest, then honey dear, it is time to let it go! It will not always be the easiest path but it will make your spirit sing and that alone is worth it!

Being whole, complete, joyous, and peaceful as abundance flows through your being, is worth it!

I send you love and light!
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