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My niece will be turning 13 soon. Finally becoming a teenager. Setting childhood aside and entering a bridge where she will be neither a child nor an adult. How can I show her that love is all there is?

Having gone through this, the love side of me fears for her.

For I know how mankind can inflict pain on another. Taint a pure soul. Turn a heart of love and radiance into pain and fear. I wish I could impart some wisdom. Show her the way. And any other person who might be going through such.

Yet I wonder if you will listen, dear niece. Because at one time I was you. Going through the same. And I wanted to defy the odds, and find out for myself. So I dived into the darkness without a lantern from others, convinced that my heart could light the path.

Dear one.

I have felt pain like no other as I morphed out of naivety and innocence. A loving heart requires brevity and courage. Because otherwise, the darkness will snatch it from you. Yet love is all there is. Snatched away, you will convince yourself that you know better. Harden your heart and blend in with the darkness. Thus joining masses of the blind who knew of the light but have forgotten.

Dear niece, knowing that love is all there is:

I still love. It is beautiful and it is the only way I can be my truest self. But the world has fought me. And still fights me. For the world is a cruel assessor. It tests you in every way and then trains you to be more of what you wish to be. But only if you let it.

It is certain and indeed wise that you must let yourself be guided through the darkness, not by the lantern in your hand, but by the candle in your soul. The world will tell you otherwise. Yet it is harder to be guided by your soul candle, for the world might call you insane.

Your heart/soul candle has love as its fuel. It never goes off. It makes you free. The lantern in your hand has fear as its fuel. That fear flickers and is never stable. The ego wind blows it from time to time, and at times it blows it hard, threatening that it will blow it off completely unless you do this or that.

Dear one.

With love fuel, you will have to trust in yourself. With love fuel you will have to turn off the lantern and set it aside, then let your inner eyes guide you. When you do this, some people will think you are crazy, for they use only their outer eyes to see. But you will have shut your outer eyes, and made yourself blind, yet not. Why? The outer eyes only give you an illusion.

With your love candle, you will see your true path and not be deceived by the illusion path. The illusion path is what most people are on.

As you become a teenager, your mom and dad will now not make all the decisions for you. You will start making them yourself and your inner eyes will guide you.

Who you really are will be presented then.

You will see through the illusion of boys and see how your emotions flip your world. You will see through the illusion of drugs and popularity. You will see the difference between real friends and illusion friends. You will see through the lure of money and fear. Your life journey will not be about making money but about living according to your purpose.

You will know abundance and prosperity but not how most know it. You will experience peace, joy, love, laughter, wisdom, wild imagination, and creativity. Understand how love is all there is.


I would love to tell you that with love your heart will not know pain.

But it will. Your eyes might feel tears from time to time. Life will test you this way. It will test you before giving you what you truly seek. It will try to give you the lantern, time and time again, and convince you that the outer eyes show you the real thing.

Do not shut out your heart light when this happens. Instead, let it guide you. When you pass this pain test, you will once again experience joy and peace.

Just like a wound, you will have to heal, for life will feel like a battle from time to time. A battle of the will where you might get hurt sometimes.

Even right now, you might have already experienced pain. All I can tell you at this moment is that everything happens for you. Life is never against you even though it seems so. Every experience is an opportunity to remember who you truly are.

Your inner eyes will guide you to see the outer world and the inner world. They will show you why you are here.

So follow your bliss.

With this, you will realize that love is all there is. For this is what ignites your heart candle and starts a flame never to end for it is you.

I am not sure you will understand all this at the moment. Yet it is the child within that should never grow silent. I hope that the child within you will understand. Your spirit will understand. If you read this with your inner eyes, you will get it.

I wanted to share this with you because very soon the world will try to convince you to shut out your soul candle.

You will soar. Embrace the pain as part of the process. You will find that even pain is an illusion that you can do without.

For now, be brave, have courage and believe in yourself for on this path you will need it. After all, this is a path less traveled.


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