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To you my darling beauty,

I woke up today and I saw your eyes shining. In you, I saw your magnificence. I will not tell you who I am. For now, I remain your secret admirer.

Your beauty surpasses all. When I say beauty, I do not mean the physical you, I mean your soul. Through your eyes, I take a peep into your soul and there I find infinite power. I see a mine-gold of potentialities, a power to be whatever you want to be.

But then I sense your fear, I sense your hesitance, I sense your self-doubt. I sense that it is your past experiences might make it hard for you to believe what I see and that is okay.

But then again, I sense that you want to be the best you can be. It is not easy to cast out these feelings but I wish you would try. I promise you that your future is immense. Your depth of inside beauty is glorious. For you to see this come to reality, you have to believe in yourself and just take that hesitant leap of faith and move forward.

There in your soul, I see purity, beauty, depth, goodness, and love. I see the wisdom and I see a genius!

Who am I referring to?  I am referring to you. You awesome and precious person who is reading this. It was not just by coincidence that you got to read this. You were meant to. Your immense radiance and beauty almost has me blinded with tears of joy.

At times you are confident, at times timid, at times strong, and at times vulnerable. I want you to see what I see because I see intricate, priceless awesome, and precious beauty, for I am another version of yourself.


Your secret admirer.


I send you love and light!

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