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What is on the other side of fights? This week I have been watching a movie series and part of it was about the Vietnam war. The wounds the soldiers carry with them and the grief that walks with them for years was heart-wrenching. A good number never bounce back to normalcy. Their lives flip upside down and for most of them, life becomes a nightmare.

It should be as simple as common sense that war goes against every human fiber but we have been programmed to believe that it is normal and even necessary. I would say that that is ego-talking. Some would argue that it has been necessary for our survival and that the world is brutal. Others would say that it is a common mechanism for the existence of our species. An animal kingdom food chain that ensures that only the most dominant stay on top.

on the other side of fights

Is it really though?

Maybe it has been in the past. So much so that we still believe it is necessary. What we seem to be forgetting is that we are evolving as a species. With that, even our consciousness becomes more advanced. As this happens, we start seeing more of ourselves in each other and not as separate beings.

The more I see you in me and the more you see me in yourself, the more you realize that we truly are one. When this happens you come to know that what you do to me you do to yourself too. In this level of consciousness, all we see in another stems from an energy of love.

Most governments have armies. Maybe all of them do. I am not so sure and this is not a fact I want to confirm. Why? Because I do not find it that important.

Point is, as Neale Donald Walsh says, all we have to do is agree. To end world hunger, to end poverty, disease, war, weapons, hatred, prejudice, racism, tribalism… You get the drift. All we have to do is agree to end what we want to and start what we want to. Agree as a species and speak one voice, and agree as the world.

But how do we get there?

The truth is we will eventually get here. There is no doubt about that. The speed at which we get there is all up to us though.

No matter how dark a human person becomes, they are essentially good at their core. And yes, even Iddi Amin, Osama Bin Laden and any other person you consider the evilest in world history were essentially good. The reason they leaned into their darkness goes to show their level of awakening or evolution at the time.

on the other side of fights

My mentor had this game that has stuck in my mind to date.

I actually talk about it in my book, “Do You Know That You Run The World?

During each retreat I attended with him as the facilitator, we would always play the game. The game involved a balloon and little sharp pointed toothpicks. Each person was given a balloon and a sharply pointed toothpick. We would then blow out our balloons as we prepared for the game.

The only rule he gave for the game was that each one of us had to protect our balloons. Of course, after the first time, I knew what the game was about but it was always interesting to see the game play out the same way each time.

At first, there would be this dead silence as each person contemplated what to do. Then the cheeky ones would make the first bold move and pop another’s balloon while holding theirs high so that no one could get theirs.

Hell then broke loose as the victim whose balloon was popped sought revenge. Soon enough a Nagasaki war would break out as everyone tried to protect their gem while destroying another’s. Minutes after, even though it was fun, no person’s balloon remained. This one time there was one girl who had the smarts to hide hers under her seat, someone noticed it and everyone headed for it, no one tried to protect it.

On the other side of fights!

With a knowing look, my mentor then asked, “Is there any person’s balloon that survived?” No one answered yes. He then went on and asked whether there was any way that any balloon could have survived.

“Was there any way someone whose balloon got popped would have decided to protect any other person’s balloon because they knew how awful it felt to have your balloon popped? Is there any way the last balloon under the seat could have been saved if one person spoke up and influenced every other person’s decision to pop it?”

“At the start of the game, what if everyone decided to drop their sharp pointed toothpicks and decide that no one would pop any other person’s balloon? In this way, everyone’s balloon would have been saved.”

As he asked these questions, a bulb of wisdom seemed to ignite within each. He would then equate it to life. Life is the same way. We could each throw down our weapons and honor each other. We could save all of us at the same time. All it takes is for all of us to agree to do that.


Our problems are solvable. Our most daunting task has always just been to just agree. At the moment some of us have gotten here. These are the people that should be brave enough to suggest that we throw down our toothpicks. Get all of us to agree.

This said, is it not time that we evolved? Are we tired of what is? Is there something different? Can we all agree to bring in a new dawn? All it takes is you and me to speak up in love and see the miracles happen! Stand together, speak one voice, and act as one. When we do this we can change the world in an instant!

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