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Once we have been receptive to what the universe wants to unfold through us, it takes intention to move that to the next level. Intentional living is an act of declaration, will, and decision that we set in motion toward the direction we want to go.

It gives or gifts momentum and sets in the drive needed to get there. It requires setting a general direction, and then acting as though we are already there.

How does intentional living work?

Most of us wish our dreams into reality. Some of us pray and hope that we will one day receive that which we desire.

Intentional living on the other hand is different. It requires a cutthroat belief and faith that we are already where we wish to go or have what we wish to acquire.

It is saying thank you for what we have asked for even though it is not in our realm yet. Then again it is acting from our dream instead of only wishing and hoping.

With confidence, we move knowing with every fiber of being that we already possess that which we seek. We issue a command to the universe, and like a faithful servant, it says, “Yes master! Your wish is my command!”

intentional living

What do you want?

In the previous article, you went through the process of knowing what your gift is. You then acknowledged the desires etched deep within you.

Then you now seek to bring these desires to fruition. To do this, you need to get yourself to a sense of belief and cutthroat faith that it is already received.

This is how you pour water onto your seed of manifestation and have it germinate otherwise birds of doubt will unearth it and eat it.

Since most of us have gardens full of weeds and trees of negativity, our purest and most noble desires usually have no chance of survival because they are bullied to death by these living bundles of parasitic thoughts toxic with every whiff of existence.

Thus our dreams and desires only remain as potentialities.

What can you do to change this into intentional living?

Tend to your garden. These negative thoughts have to go. Not even one can remain. Till your garden and uproot these weeds and trees.

After that put manure into the soil and plant your new thoughts making sure that you keep weeding, watering your new thoughts, and providing sunlight.


It takes 30 days to form a habit. For intentional living do it every morning and night. It will take this long to work on your garden before things get easier. This is where will, commitment, and discipline come into play. During these 30 days, you will tend to your garden by:

  1. Daily affirmations:

‘I am’ affirmations work miracles. They spray the weeds with insecticide. Use a mirror as you say them. Find out more about it here.

  1. Imagination:

Make your movie of what it is you want to see as your reality. Give it taste, smell, colors, and sound. Make it fun and lively.

  1. Meditation:

You can use mantra, breathing, or visualization for this. Invite only what you wish to see show up in your life.

More about these exercises can be found here on this podcast episode.


Intention starts the engine of your evolution. It steps on the gas and gives your dream life. At this point in time get into the driver’s seat and decide what your journey is going to be about. It can be full of mystery, bliss, joy, adventure, and fun if you choose. Apart from that, darkness, cynicism, misery, and longing look at your dream instead of living it! You decide!