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At this point you have known what your gift is, you have the fire in your belly to make it happen and your intention is fueling your steps. Wondering how to live your dream life? This next step requires action.

Here you get to realize that you can plan and talk about what you want to do all you want but taking action is what manifests your dream. So how do you do this?

Things to consider when finding out how to live your dream life?

First of all, you might observe that the greatest obstacle to getting to where you need to be is you. How, you ask?

Through the limiting beliefs you hold, the programming you have gone through, your emotions and past experience clouding you. These elements may choke your dream.

This is why you will need to work like your life depends on it because it actually does. You will need to overcome yourself.

Not only is this important but your gifts also need nurturing. For them to scale up, they will require attention, focus, determination, discipline, and commitment.

how to live your dream life

Examples of people who had to overcome themselves:

Madonna had to work for her genius to shine through. For Michael Jackson to perform hit after hit, he had to work as though his life depended on it.

Even though hard work shines through in this case, work becomes play because of love and passion. It is hard work yes. It does not quite seem so though because it is enjoyable.

Every masterpiece you come across has taken plenty of time, effort, dedication, love, and a willingness to put one’s all into it.

What to do when limiting beliefs get in the way after you have taken steps on how to live your dream life

Breathing exercises.

Start by sitting or lying down in a relaxed comfortable position. Close your eyes or keep them open if this is okay with you.

Focus on your breath tracing it as it goes in through your nose, into your windpipe, then bronchioles, then lungs, and out again.

As you breathe in, hold your stomach and have it widen and broaden then deflate as you breathe out:

Take in deep breaths by:

  1. Inhaling while counting from 1-4
  2. Hold and count 1-4
  3. Exhale while counting from 1-4
  4. Hold and count 1-4


  • Then imagine breathing in light and love and breathing out all negativity
  • Breathe in joy and enthusiasm and breathe out all toxic energy
  • Breathe in creativity and fun and breathe out whatever negative energy you might be feeling. Notice it and then release it
  • Imagine whatever positive energy you wish to invite in. Breathe it in and have it fill your being.


When deciding how to live your dream life, create a blueprint, decide where you want to go make a plan, and then act. Remember, it is better to take a wrong action than no action at all. Two things may happen. You will either learn/remember or what you want to happen will happen. Either way, it will be beneficial and you can tweak and make changes as you go.