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The infinite feedback loop of creation

At this juncture, you begin to understand that the world around you is a constant mirror and that what you give out comes back to you in equal measure. To live your dream life is not that herculean a task.

When you give, goodness, kindness, unconditional love, and all things positive, that is what comes back to you. When you give out dark energy, that is what you get in return.

It may not be by the same person, or within the same circumstances, but it will come back. This is the law.

Questions to ask yourself when preparing to live your dream life

What sort of world do you want to create? Is there a kind of life that you desire for yourself? How would you like to be treated by others?

Would you want a world where service matters? Where people do things because of passion? Would you want to create a world where kindness and unconditional love is present?

If so then it starts with you. Inviting it into your life can only mean that you start acting this way. But it is not just about doing.

It is about being. After all, why do you think you are called a human being and not a human doing? The most important thing is your way of doing. This is how to live your dream life.

live your dream life

Why is this so?

We are all interconnected. We are one energy. There are no boundaries. The idea of boundaries is based on an illusion of separation. We are constantly emitting energy that others respond to automatically. The environment also responds to it automatically.

We are just containers of energy in a body. Just as water keeps fish alive, air, sun, and its elemental components keep us alive. You can live your dream life when you harness this energy.

Trees react to our energy. Plants communicate with each other. They respond to love and care just as easily as they respond to harshness and bad vibes. Animals do the same. They can sense your energy, your ‘beingness’ whether stemming from a place of love or fear and negative energy.

You get what you give. What you are being. See what your current life looks like and suppose you do not like it then know that it is time to vibrate a different energy that matches what you want to see.

Vibration when living your dream life

The next step that you will see coming into your life as you evolve is vibration. This simply refers to the vibe you are giving. It is very closely connected to the infinite feedback loop of creation.

Since everything is energy vibrating at a certain frequency, you will begin to realize that the higher the vibration the better you will feel. You will feel powerful, whole, and in control, and have a sense that everything is possible.

When your frequency vibrates at a lower level, you will feel the exact opposite.

How to get to the higher frequencies.

Binaural beats

Binaural beats help a lot. You can find these on YouTube and there is plenty to choose from. Choose the ones that fit your needs and feel right at that particular time.

It is very crucial that you listen to how you feel as you listen to each of them and stick to the ones that make you feel good almost as though you are transforming.

Listen to this each morning immediately after you wake up and before you go to bed for a period of 30 days. A neural pathway will be created within this period and your subconscious changed. After this, you will be way on your path to live your dream life.

live your dream life

Other ways of creating frequencies that will elevate you to live your dream life.

The other way is to meditate, listen to affirmations, and envision through constant imagination, only what you wish to see happen in your world. The mind is a tool that will make this happen.

Forget about the how. Leave that to the universe to figure out. Concentrate only on the result you want to see and it will be done. The universe might give hints of what to do. Do trust it and make it happen.

Another important thing to mention is that all negativity has to leave your mind. No negative thought is allowed to enter your mind. This will be counterproductive to what you are trying to create. It will tie itself to the lower vibrations.

How do we do this?

Whenever a negative thought enters your mind, observe it, notice it, and quickly change it to a positive one. Do not allow it to fester. Remember, not even one negative thought is allowed in.

At first, this will seem difficult to keep up. This is to be expected. Our mind garden is full of plants with deep roots that have been there for quite some time. These plants have negative energy and they want to stay that way so they will put up a fight.

An important question to ask at this point is how badly do you want this? How strongly do you want to live your dream life? If you want it bad enough, then your willpower will push you through.

live your dream life

Adversity and Transformation when living your dream life.

At this point in time, you will remember to bless even the weeds in your garden for they are your shadow self that serve you because through them, you are still evolving.

Adversity refers to everything ‘bad’ or ‘evil’ that may be happening to us. Something unpleasant that may be making us scream in pain or make curses at the universe that make even the ‘devil’ want to cover its ears.

How adversity transforms you to live your dream life.

Another way to look at adversity is to realize that it is the diamond dust that heaven uses to shine us to glory. If you pay close attention and seek to see the ‘lesson’ (there is nothing to learn. We know it but we are remembering), or what needs our attention, you will understand that life happens for us always. Even the darkest of hours only prepare us for the light that is coming.

So how about we bless each and everything knowing that it is meant for our growth? Breakups, the death of a loved one, losing a job, an accident, loss. These are experiences meant to transform us into our higher selves.

Instead of wishing it away because the load is too heavy ask for a stronger back. Smile through the tears. Give thanks for the experience knowing that if you allow it to then after that, you will have transformed into a higher version of yourself.

A conscious and compassionate world.

When seeking to live your dream life, this is where we seek to pass on these traits to the young ones for they are the future.

When I am at my best, I naturally inspire others around me to do the same and so do you. To change the world then you have to be what you wish to see.

Mahatma Gandhi said it best. He said, “Once we have awakened then we each have a responsibility to awaken others.”

Take a moment to ask yourself what you want to see. Make this into a list and decide if you are ready to be this. Stick it next to your mirror or where you can have a look at it every time you see yourself and then consciously invite it into the universe by being that which you seek.

Treat the world around you how you wish you would have been treated.

Unconditional love when living your dream life

We are all love at our core designed to love to give and to express ourselves. Intrinsically that is who we are. We cannot help it. Imagine what world we would have if we all tuned into this part of ourselves. Ultimately, this is what we are evolving to.

This self evokes joy, peace, bliss, enthusiasm, hope, wellness, wisdom, genius, and a sense of high-level confidence and self-esteem.

You do not wish to be anyone else but yourself for just like a fingerprint, you are unlike any other and your sense of genius is unlike any other.

This is how the world is designed to be and in the end, if we each choose it inside ourselves, this is how it will be. This is how we will experience it.


You are me. I am you. We are one and that is a gift. Unique yet also the same. Just like two grains of sand are never the same, nor are two flakes of snow. When you acknowledge yourself as a gift, you will see that to be that gift then you have to be at your best. This means that you will give to the world, only that which you want to receive. Aside from that, you will raise your frequency so that you vibrate at a level that makes you feel at your best. Adversity will have a new meaning for you as you find within you unconditional love which helps you create a conscious and compassionate world.