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The wind blows its whisper to your ears and in it carries a message. This message is the answer to what you have been seeking.
It knocks at the doors of your heart, seeking to be heard and accepted. Every beat in your chest confirms the message in the wind.
You can feel it in your heart, in your spirit, in your soul. It speaks the language of your innermost wisdom. It asks that you trust what it is telling you. 

But what if it talks of a wish and a truth that you have wanted to have but this has eluded you for so long that you have become convinced that it is just too good to be true?

What if having hope hurts, because it means that if it does not happen as this whisper says, your heart will be broken and you cannot just go through that pain again?

What if this self-talk voice is asking you to do or believe in something that is so scary because experience has made you doubt it?

This whisper is asking you to cast your net back into the sea for some fish, yet you have been doing this the whole night and caught nothing.

self love

It feels right but your past waves its claws at you telling you to be realistic. “How can you be this foolish,” it says.

Have you not learned from experience? Has your past not taught you anything? In what world do you think you can get this dream, this wish, this desire?”

This whisper soon seems like it is lying. Like it is too good to be true. This knowing fades off as the doubt digs in its claws deeper into your mind.

So you start speaking like it can never happen. This silent whisper in your chest can never insist. It becomes quiet and what you profess becomes so.

Soon enough you become convinced that the voice lied even though what really happened was that you failed to give it life and you choked it to death.


The thing is however that there was this part of you that kept wishing that this voice was true because the deepest part of you knew it to be true but your words killed it from manifesting into your reality.

Then you start wailing because things are not always working out for you. Since your words profess it, those things you wail about become your reality.

A part of you may start believing that you are imperfect or even a mistake. That things only work out for certain people.

In this realm, you are not the only one. So many others are like you. Your world begins to darken. Slowly you believe that dreams are useless imaginings and wishful thinking.

The logic seems to make more sense. If you cannot prove it then it is not true. You openly laugh at those joyous spirits that believe that all things are possible. You call them stupid.


Deep within you are bitter. You have become convinced that you can never have what you want. The darkness keeps looming over you.

It starts to become unbearable. You start thinking of ending it. Either that or you start to believe that surviving is the way to live.

And so you die at 20 something, even though you may be buried at 97 years of age. Barely existing and not really living.

You discuss it with a friend, relative, or someone you trust because you now want advice. However, most of those you seek advice from have not known the wisdom that exists in trusting the guidance of your heart, of your spirit self, the driving master of your being.

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Like you, they may be merely existing instead of living since most of the human population is asleep. These people that you go to seek answers from may not really know the power of words.

They may not know that true fulfilling success is not in the external but in who you become. It is who you become that attracts success to you. Their advice may misguide you.

Who you become is your original self and only your spirit knows who that really is. Your work is to open up the vault so that it speaks to you.

So when the whisper comes, trust it, listen and then talk about it as though it were already so. That way instead of choking it, you are tending to it and giving it life. 


Refuse to believe anything else other than what the silent whisper tells you. Let it guide you to your truth. Let it bring your originality forward.


Talk about it as though it already has happened even when doubt sets in. Believe. Trust. Have faith and profess it, then act, guarding it with your life before ego snatches it away and tries to kill it.

This is the rhythm of life. It is the dance that few people master, yet it is a dance that leads to your evolution and your success in the end.

I send you love and light!

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