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Would you believe me if I told you that you are a gem, precious and magnificent with a spirit that shines forth, with so much power to actually achieve anything you want? Additionally, you are an embodiment of beauty, a manifestation of a higher power, with oozing potential. You, my dear, were born to succeed!

Why then do you choose to live in mediocrity, why do you doubt yourself? How come you walk like you want to hide from the world? Do you not see your inner beauty? Think that he or she is better than you? Why do you wish you were someone else?

Might you be crying in angst and misery? Why do you think you are a failure who can never amount to anything?


Allow me to give you some reasons for this.

Your environment and experiences shape you. There are some things that you may have gone through, some failures, and some negative voices that fogged your thoughts. Maybe your mother or father called you useless all your life.

Might they have criticized you and forever seen your faults and never really helped you see the stronger version of yourself? Maybe you have faced some bad experiences. Somebody may have done something so bad to you that left you insecure and frail.

Maybe you have gone through some failures, many times before, that just left you believing you can never succeed.

Here is a bulb glow moment I am going to share with you, my dear.

This will awaken your mind. What happened to you, does not at all define you. Your self-worth does not have to be defined this way. But then nothing will change if you do not believe in yourself.

If you do not have confidence in yourself, then your true inner beauty might never be realized. This does not come from the outside environment; it comes from the inside of you.

If your belief system is pegged on your academic achievement, what others tell you about yourself, your career, your wealth status in life or your societal expectations, or culture, then you at one time will have a problem.

For example, if you define yourself based on your academic achievement, then in moments of failure, you will believe that you are not good enough. If you define yourself using your profession or career, then you will lose your identity, should you lose your job, most especially if it was prestigious.

If you define yourself by your status rich or poor, then you will forever be comparing yourself with others because the fact is, there will always be someone who has more than you, making you feel like you are not good enough.


The greatest asset one has is the mind.

The mind can impede your achievement, or make you do things others seem impossible. All you need to do is to know how to use it.

First things first, identify who you are. What appeals to you, what do you love doing, what are your talents, and which opportunities could you use to build yourself? Do you know your weaknesses? Your passion? What are the things you tend to do with minimal effort?

When you have found this then you have made a great step towards finding your niche. Another important technique that helps you work on yourself is the mirror technique!! Yes!! Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

The person looking right back at you as you stare at your image is the best thing that could ever happen in this world!! Embrace your beauty dear one. You are the best!!

Do this repetitively and you will see yourself start to change from the inside. Have your personal mantra. It may be something like, “I am amazing! I am a genius! I am the best that was ever created” Staring at that person looking back at you in the mirror with a smile and imagining yourself doing the impossible!!

This is what your heart whispers! Trust what it says about your self-worth.

Listen to that silent voice dear one, for that is where your passion and purpose lie. Trust your instincts then forge ahead believing that you dear one, ARE THE FAIREST OF THEM ALL. You are a gift to this generation, with a purpose!!

I send you love and light!


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