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The bad boy vibe. I do not know about you but I have always been a sucker for the wild ones. These kinds of guys have a way of making me feel alive, empowered, and creative. I get to use my brain more because it is a different kind of ball game and that gets my belly fired up and passionate. I am sure I am not the only one so I am here to explain why women go for the bad boy vibe.

The feminine and masculine energy.

Dominant personality types when it comes to men tend to be more attractive in most women’s eyes. The alpha male tends to make women’s juices flow. Not all women would go for this type of man but there is a species of women like me, who intentionally seek out these sort of men.


It is all in the ‘opposite attracts’ theory. The more a woman leans into her feminine energy the more attractive she becomes to a man. The more a man leans into his masculine energy, the more attractive she seems to a woman. People who lean into their sexuality exude more masculinity (for the male) and more feminine energy for the female.

Most men who have the bad boy vibe exude sexuality quite prominently thus appealing to most females.

the bad boy vibe

Is it more fun to date the bad boy vibe kind?

I leave that answer to you. When it comes to me, however, I would go for the bold and daring vibe any day. Someone who breaks the rules not in reckless abandon but with a clear intention. He goes for what he wants and is not afraid to color outside the lines. A rebel with a mission. Deep and complex, yet still confident, intelligent, and passionate.

Some people would argue that most bad guys are broken and when a woman attracts this kind of person then it is because she is broken too.

To this, I would say that we all have our issues from childhood. Unless we have worked on ourselves then most of us are broken in one way or another. Some heal these wounds, painful as it may be. Others simply slap on the bandage and pretend the wound does not exist.

These men are a walking time bomb, waiting for the trigger before they blow up. Why? Their wounds keep leaking out. The insecurity is then masked with abrasive aggression that is faked confidence with a dire need to control and be in charge. Subdue, dominate, annihilate and make every woman his subject. That becomes his mission.

When this person meets an insecure woman.

Disaster occurs because they prey on such. Most women in the modern age have self-esteem issues because of what the media portrays and what society dictates as beautiful and sexy. She tries to get approval from the outside instead of having it shine through from within her.

When this kind of woman gets a person who makes her feel important and valued outwardly say in status or appeals to her need for approval, she starts believing that she cannot do without this man.

This becomes misconstrued for love and the feelings are based on need. When a man who has not worked on his wounds sees this, he may want to control her or manipulate her so that he too feels like a man in power. Thus they feed on each other’s negative energies and past wounds creating drama, power fights, violent attacks, power plays, and manipulation. Tell you what you want to hear so that they get what they want. Yikes!

the bad boy vibe

There are those who have worked on themselves.

These men understand that letting the woman lead does not mean they are any less. They are not intimidated by a powerful woman but rather intrigued. They dominate, take control and be in charge but they do not mind it when a woman takes the reigns too. In fact, they encourage her to.

The best way to put it is that they are confident in their skin. Their inner strength does not require subjects. They simply come to earn people’s respect. They are not afraid to shake up societal rules when they find them folly. They radiate a power that commands not through force but deep respect and love. They will treat you like a decent human being but also be in charge most of the time.

the bad boy vibe

So… Are you a ‘bad boy vibe’ kind of woman? What makes your juices flow? Have you worked on yourself enough and healed your wounds to make sure you do not attract a ‘recipe for disaster’ kind of man but instead step up to the league of men known as ‘the coveted few?’ Read more on relationships right here.