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What does the immense power of thought involve? Is it not indeed true that thoughts are things? Is it not possible to bring into physical manifestation, anything you put into it through the power of thought? Couple it with an inkling of belief and voila! You create magic and what you truly believe comes into being.

Why do we not get what we want? Why is it that what we desire does not come to fruition? If what I say above is true, why does it not happen for most of us?

This is one reason why.

It has to be definiteness of thought. Then has to be clear and concise. Furthermore, it has to be exact. It cannot be an either/or. It has to be the one and only. For most people, this is not so. Most of us have an idea of what it is that we want but we have not made it a must.

We sort of feel like having it. We have not made it our life’s mission where all other things fade away and nothing is allowed in our way. Obstacles are seen as part of the journey. So today I ask, what do you truly want?

Picture these scenarios.

Think of a mother who lifts up a whole car to save her child from a car crash. What of the person who survives poverty and starvation at a concentration camp just so that they can see their family again?

Ever heard of a patient who refuses to acknowledge it when the doctors say that they will never be well again and by some miracle? they are healed. This is the power of resolve. It is what thought can do, once one decides with everything they have that it is either this or nothing else.

Ultimately, this is what a definiteness of thought does.

One thing that normally stops us in our tracks even after we have decided something is momentary defeat. We get to the first obstacle and it may seem so great in that instant that what we want seems impossible.

Do you not see however that life will have to test you first before it rewards you? Do you not see that you will have to prove to life that you deserve it? The obstacle is meant for your growth. It is meant to elevate you so that you are prepared to handle the vision you seek. Defeat is your friend.

It is meant to shape you so that your vision then fits you like a glove. It enables you to be a magnet so that what you seek comes to you after you pass the test. Defeat takes you to the training field so that you are ready.

immense power of thought

Life’s answers are camouflaged within its fiber threads.

They are hidden in plain sight. Only the person seeking answers sees through the camouflage as the answers reveal themselves. These answers are available to everyone but not everyone sees them. There is a way the universe works. One of its secrets is that you can create anything through the mind. How do you know the future? You design it. You create it.

When desire consumes you and becomes an all in all obsession, you are simply telling the universe that you will not have it any other way. When each waking moment is dedicated towards that which you seek, the world obeys. It bows to your command.

However, it may come to you in a different way than you expect it to. It comes to you in form of temporary failure and at times it comes as an opportunity hidden in a cloak of misfortune.

The universe is an energy of love, and it will give you what you ask for when you choose to flow gracefully with life’s tides, listening to its wisdom every step of the way.

Reality is greater than your perception of it and when you truly open yourself to its secrets, then you come to know how much power you truly have. So refuse to take no for an answer.

Decide to stick it out to the end, and the universe will simply say, “Your choice is my command dear master.”

What is knocking at the doors of your heart?

Is there anything that seeks to be given life each waking moment? What is that dream that elevates your spirit that you have somehow pushed into the dark embers of your heart because you do not see it ever becoming a reality?

How about that that you truly seek? What is that that you truly desire? Today, life simply asks that you give it a second chance!

“But Mercy, is it not too late for me?” I am well into my old age! How do I leave my family and follow my dream?

I am pregnant and I have to provide for my child! How do I leave everything and just decide to follow my dream?”

These questions and more might be running through your mind.

As long as there is still life in you then you can still create. As long as there is a will to do within you then there is a way to make it happen! What happens when you surrender all worries and thoughts that no longer serve you?

Moreover, what you trust your intuition to guide you? Do you know that you hail from an energy of love? Is there any part of you that believes in anything being possible? Do you believe in the power of our mind?

 Come on give it a try. Focus on your Immense Power of Thought

Can you set powerful intentions that will transform your future right at this moment? Do you honor and value who you are and what you have to offer? Refusing to take no for an answer? Recognizing an opportunity when most people do not?

Even when it is disguised as misfortune or a huge setback?

There is nothing you cannot achieve when you set your mind to it. That is how powerful you are. At the core of it all, that is who you are.  You are God energy. There is no challenge you cannot overcome.

All you need to do is release negative beliefs. All you need to do is cultivate your mind, which then transforms your emotions, and then your belief system, then your attitude, your behavior, your performance, your output, and your results show through this.

immense power of thought

You were given an amazing tool: The Immense Power of Thought

The mind is meant to create through your imagination. It is meant to bring desire into physical manifestation. The world as is right now is because of dominant past thoughts. Do you want to create your future?

Call into being your imagination. That way you plant the seed. When you believe in it, it is as though you are watering it. If you refuse to let doubt take root, you are weeding it.

When your emotions are positive and your feelings are laced with immense peace and joy it is as though you are providing sunlight. Then when you talk about your dream in a positive light it is as though you are watching it germinate.

The moment you take action through the insights that come to you, it is as though you are giving it manure and pruning it so that it grows healthily and spraying it with insecticide so that it does not get a disease.

In your hand is a seed, clothed as desire. What will you choose to do with it today? Will you run the world as you are meant to?

Love and Light!