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What does the law of attraction involve? Funny what the phrase says, a person becomes what they think about most of the time. Why is this you might ask?

Some might have heard of this. For some, this may be new. See there is something called the law of attraction.

This law is just as strong as the law of gravity. You do not have to believe in it to know it is there because it just is. And it works all the time.


Ever thought of calling a friend or a relative and then they just call you out of the blue? Have you ever desired to buy a car or a house and then suddenly start seeing the car you desire more frequently than before or even the house?

Ever been so anxious about something, worried so much about it, was so scared that it could actually come to be and it did?

Or maybe you wished for something to happen, wished for it with all your heart, and boom! Right before your eyes, it came to pass.

Do you think that happened by coincidence?

Nay! The psychology behind thinking positive is simply the law of attraction at work! That is just some portion of it!


See in the universe, we attract things through our thoughts. When we think of good things, more good things happen. The same goes for bad things. I shall emphasize this with a personal story.

I got into depression because of my family issues.

My parents got separated and it got to me bad. It made me get into depths of sadness.

I really wished in my childish mind to have my parents together just like the other families I saw around me.

I just could not understand why my mum and dad could not get along and I wanted it fixed so badly. The fact that they were forever fighting wounded my spirit.

The fact that my dad got into so much drinking affected me too and I kept pondering the reason why.

girl holding herself

At first, this did not affect my grades, but slowly by slowly, they started declining. Bad things started happening.

My grades got so bad that I started getting E’s and D’s while at one time I had been an A student.

It is also important to mention that since my parents and teachers had always insisted on school performance and little else, my importance became pegged on my school grades and I felt unimportant whenever I did not perform well.

And so when I started failing, my self-esteem went downhill.

I slowly started believing that I was not as intelligent as I once thought I was.

I thought to myself that nobody would want to associate with failure. Since I was not good at sports either, I believed I was good at nothing.

My world was bleak.

I had no real friends because I believed I was a nobody and no one would want to associate with me.

Constantly devastated was my stance. I was in a school with rich children and since I was in a family where my mum, being a teacher strained to keep us in school, I believed I was no good and I sort of felt out of place.

law of attraction

Poor me, I felt miserable. The fact that my parents were not together and kept having fights prevented me from dating because I always imagined going through the same hell and so I kept away from guys.

I had a negative attitude toward them and believed them to be no good. My life was horrible. I had no joy, saw no beauty, no essence and had no motivation to put my effort into studying or socializing.

I felt jealous of other people that I thought were better and had perfect lives and had something I could never have; happiness and contentment.

From then on thoughts then plagued me. “Is it not better if I did not exist? Would I not feel better if I were dead?

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Why go through all this misery for nothing and it is not getting any better? I’m not adding any value to this life and anyone’s life for that matter.”

I kept thinking to myself.

The more time came to pass, the more frequent the thoughts became. I then started making fantasies of the most painless way to die.

At one point I was even tempted to start researching it. My life was at my worst.

Then I started praying to God to do the world some good and just take me away but nothing happened. My stress levels were so high.

I could not concentrate in class. I cried almost every night. My world was so dark and contrary to popular belief, there was no light at the end of my tunnel.

I could not fight these negative thoughts anymore and my walls were slowly caving in. My world crashed when I had my first attack of bipolar.

Looking back, I think it was a blessing in disguise.

I basically lost my mind. This was while I was at school, and I became the spectacle of amusement.

There are girls who had never seen someone mad before, and I opened their eyes. Through me, they had an experience of one. Boarding school was hell.

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My worst moment had come to pass. I never wanted anything to do with the school ever again. I mean how would they see me?

Would I not always be a spectacle of shame and ridicule? Wouldn’t they always laugh at me? Reproach gnawed at my spirit. Everything was just so hard.

Being a shy teenager made it worse. I wondered why God made me go through such turmoil. For a moment in my life I refused to believe he existed because then, he would never have let me go through this.

I thought I had gone through it all but it kept getting worse.

Always sending negative energy into the universe and the universe obeyed by giving me more of what I was sending it.

I simply asked, just like Aladin’s lamp, where the Genie asked his master, “what is thy wish oh dear master?” and through my negative thoughts that were charged with so much negative emotion, I would command what I commanded my Genie to do and it simply responded.

Learning the hard way was inevitable; if I wanted my world to change, then I had to change and it had to start from my mind.

My mind, I came to realize, is the most powerful tool of my being and if guided by my spirit, I had the ability to achieve anything that I truly set my mind to.

I had to learn this through the toughest experience of my life.

I had to make a decision to change and I did. Right after I recovered though I had to be on medication on a long-term basis.

I was not dying, though I silently wished I did before. This was not the way I wished to spend the rest of my life.

law of attraction

If God, the infinite, the great spirit, or the great I am, still wanted me to live, I decided I might as well make a decision to not live it as miserably but find my purpose in all these.

It was not easy though.

For each step I made towards getting out of my pit hole, life made me take two steps back.

My grades when I went back to school did not improve immediately. In fact, at one time, I scored the lowest mark in a geography test.

Talk about devastation! Being the ambitious girl that I was, this was heart crumbling. All my life, everyone told me that academics was the only path to success.

I internalized this and believed it fully. And so when that happened, I still felt like a failure. Little did I know, that out of my greatest desperation was to emerge lessons I would take with me for the rest of my life.

See, I defined myself by my school grades, which as I have mentioned severally, is nothing to write home about.

I felt like the universe was punishing me and I did not love who I was because I defined myself by my circumstances.

My external ear, what other people said and thought about me, I believed and took to heart. The inner silent voice hushed and I did not know the power I had.

Life taught me otherwise.

Life is a great teacher. It is a wise teacher when you are keen to listen to its wisdom.

I am glad I went through that hell because I would not be where I am today were it not for the great lessons I learned a while back.

The main one was the law of attraction and that I had the power to choose and become, whatever I wanted to be.

And so when I learned of the secret of positive thinking and the law of attraction, it took a process but my life started changing bit by bit.

Learn all about this law here:

The Secret

I send you love and light!



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