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Since our inception into this universe, we are programmed to believe that we are not perfect yet WE ARE! “Oh I have weaknesses and strengths,” you might argue and you might be right. For is this not the belief you have of yourself? Is this not the reality? I mean even personality tests will tell you that you have weaknesses and strengths right? Therefore not whole and not perfect? What if I told you that you can be the master you were born to be?

Is it true that you have weaknesses?

When you begin to awaken, however, you start seeing just how untrue this really is. Your physical presence hails from energy, a universal spirit. It creates everything physical. Look around you, look at what you consider a genius, be it man-made or nature-based. Would you ever believe that inside you is universal intelligence, and inside you is source? Inside you resides this energy. Spirit or energy or cosmos or universal energy is perfect. It is from this energy that you come and therefore, you are perfect too.

What you believe as true, be it an illusion, delusion, or fact, manifests itself as your reality for faith or belief, is the driving force of creativity of that which is. You are a master. Intrinsically, you know it to be true. The same genius creativity that was in Picasso, Galileo, Steve Jobs, the Wright Brothers, and anyone else that comes to your mind as exceptionally gifted, lies inside you too. You can call it infinite intelligence. Each person has it. Why can’t we see it in our lives? Most of us have been programmed to believe that we are less.

the master you were born to be
Your brain is programmed to believe you are less.

For example, do you believe that real power is outside you like money or fame? Do you believe that you are a victim just because something horrible happened to you and you now even identify with it by calling yourself a survivor of this or the other? Might you believe that you cannot do anything to change anything in your society because others are more powerful than you? Or do you believe that dreams are just fantasies for you and they can never be realized? 

Do you feel that if you had more money, that relationship that you fantasize about, wealth, constant sex, drugs, excitement, food, booze, and fun, your life would be way better than it is now? Here is a good one that I might be attacked for. Do you believe that if you truly forced yourself to strictly follow a certain religion, your problems will fall away? That God, this powerful Being will solve it for you as long as you strictly follow his rules and commands faithfully and without question? Give him all the praise and if satisfactory, just like a vending machine he will dispense the goodies.

Dearest, you have been programmed to be this and believe this by people who you consider masters.

These people want you controlled so that you are blinded by your power.  Most of all, they want you to live in an energy of fear, which is your lowest vibrational energy which mostly manifests misery and more of what you fear. You have simply forgotten who you are. In a deep slumber. You are not aware. Are you in a rat-spinning wheel that you do not even know exists? It is my deepest desire that you awaken, for we need you as a master.

How do you transcend it? Do you awaken?

How do you reconnect to your infinite pure light of wonder, vibrancy, and creativity where you bring into form what you truly desire? One way is by realizing that you are God-energy, perfect, whole, and one with everything and everyone else. Can you sense it as you read these words? Do they feel true? This truth lies within each.

Your truest power, the truest answers, the truest joy, and infinite intelligence lie inside you and not outside you and to get here, then you have to tune into this present moment for this is where the miracle of life exists. The future and the past are an illusion. I mean think about it. All you have is now right? The past was once a NOW and the future is an anticipated Now. You begin to awaken when you tune your mind to the present moment and then go within to find the answers. 

False ego

The false self, ego, which identifies with the mind and harbors the programmed self, begins to recede when this happens, but first, you have to make the decision that you want to do this for it is a battle that the false self will not take lightly. It will not want to die. All it takes, however, is the first step. Will you?

If so, then walk with me, as I post daily articles where we walk together and dive deep as you begin to raise your consciousness, your vibration, your energy, your aura and open your eyes to this other whole world within you.

I send you love and light!
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