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I feel that it is my responsibility to say this because my world is changing. I will not live forever but this is what I want the world to remember about me when I transition. Imagining.

It might be tomorrow or a hundred years from now I am imagining. In this world of relativity, everything dies and so will i. But then again in this world, everything is possible yes? So maybe living forever is also possible. I have heard of tales that there are people in this current universe, who do not die but change bodies. Some never grow old. Fascinating, right?

So my imagining self might be a strange one to some. Might others even condemn it or spit at it? This I wonder.

I desire to be a master of this physical plane.


In the physical plane, what I am imagining comes to be.

World consciousness, walking on water, talking to the wind, time travel, flying, growing a limb where there was none, and abundant love that knows no bounds. imagining all this makes me feel insane! But in a good way.

Doing the impossible (I’m possible). Creating utopia even for a certain time so that people know it is possible. Building my house on air.

I mean, anything is possible, right?

So why not have the craziest thoughts imaginable as long as I do not harm anyone or anything? I could clap my hands and create food, money, or anything I want.

Feel like I am here to express and experience myself in whatever way I am imagining. I already know that I am GOD and so is everyone. That these things I am talking about can be. I can make a mountain talk for example, or calm a storm. Wow!

Do you know that you run the world? You can read more here.

The thing is, I do not know how to yet but even as I listen to my heart as I write this, my heart is emanating joy so I know I am writing from a sense of inspiration. Imagining and thus creating


These things I saw myself imagining as a kid.

These movies I see which adults call imagination. They are true, yes? There are masters and beings able to do them and since children have not completely been swallowed up by societal ‘facts’, they can hear the impossible and their intuition is strongest.

So I do not want to be boxed in. I want to have the imagination of a child. To create just as God does and since I am particles of God, I know that this is possible. I just have not experienced it yet and I seek to.

So I turned down my nine-to-five job and embraced my sense of adventure imagining.

I know I need to go within because that is where the power is. Power to do anything. It is from this power that my mind and body come to exist.

Most people may not understand me and that is fine. I simply want to experience myself as the GOD I am in this physical reality right now. This is what my soul seeks.


Something else.

I want to have pure love radiate through me. Seek to love with my whole heart, body, and soul and send out this love to everyone and everything. I want to tell the future, have visions, master my intuition, laugh, cry, dance, sing, and most of all, EVOLVE.

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May my soul/spirit/unconscious/ run my physical plane and find heaven in each moment. I re-MEMBER!