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The love language of the heart speaks volumes through its subtle clues. It cannot always be kept in check for it seeps out through its heart’s love strings. It gives clues as it glides through, letting you know that you are indeed loved, cared for, and appreciated.
Rarely are these words spoken in words. They reveal themselves through the universal language of energy. Here we feel it rather than hear it. If he loves you, you will feel it in the realm of your being and understand it. Will you trust it though?
The love language may be in the way he lets a hug linger a bit longer than necessary.
Additionally, It may be in the smile he gives with no reason and then pretends to hide it. It may be in the way he writes poetry on your body, whenever his lips touch yours. It may be in the cup of coffee he hands to you in the morning.
The coffee may smell burnt but hey, it was the thought that counted right?
It may be in the way he sits down with you to watch you write and pretends to read as well. After some time he then passes out and snores softly at your side, refusing to go to bed without you.
Maybe he notices those tiny little things about you that other people do not like when you position your head at an angle when you want to lie. Sometimes he asks you what you want to watch during a movie night and sits there with you even if it is a whack movie, just because it is you.
love language
You fight.
Then end up laughing at the end when both of you are calm and you talk it out. He remembers your favorite chocolate and brings it home from work. He reveals to you things that he has never told another soul.
He hides his pain (things he does not feel good about) in anger. At times he lashes out when in fact all he is saying is that he is afraid and he needs you there.
He hides his sense of not feeling enough by being abrasive and coats it in material stuff and ‘prestige’ . He is never emotionally naked such that the world does not find out just how troubled he is on the inside. All he needs at this time is for you to remind him that his light and most power are within him and it is in standing naked that he’s truly free.
His love language may be in how vulnerable he felt when he opened his heart to you and told you that he loved you.
Sometimes it is in the way he ‘accidentally’ forgot and handed you his towel hoping that you’d smell his scent. Then have it imprinted in your energy field. He shows you his mind and appreciates your input.
He lets you win in a game of chess because he knows how much you hate losing. He chooses to put the kids to bed when he sees just how tired you are. At times he ruins your kitchen trying to make you breakfast that you have to pretend you like because of all the work he put in.
Maybe he rubs your foot pretending to hate it and you catch that glimpse of a smile just before it turns into a frown. He remembers your favorite things. He connects to your being at a deeper level.
He washes the dishes for you or helps you with laundry even though he hates it. He checks up on you secretly through a friend because you had a nasty fight and hopes you will never find out.
All in all, he may profess it to you constantly if he is a chatterbox or shows it to you by providing or protecting you.
He may defend you in front of his friends as you secretly eavesdrop on the conversation. There are moments when he bails you out of a difficult situation. He tries to solve your issues just because he does not want to see you upset.
Has he taken you out to dinner or a club just to cheer you up or give you space even when it is the last thing he wants but do it because you need it? At times it shows when he comes straight home from work or constantly calls you just to check up on you.
It is in the simple things that love is revealed. It is not the grand gestures that make a relationship work but the subtle unnoticeable things.
He may never say he loves you but as a woman. You will know it when you look out for his love language and understand it.  Then with all, you have, appreciate that he is doing the very best that he can with whatever he knows and understands at that moment. It is the small little things that make it or break it so, be that, do that, show that too and let your aura match his presence once you understand him.
I send you love and light!

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