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Within you is a mass of energy woven into form by conglomeration. Within this energy field, is an archetype or archetypal energy that brings to fruition your physical reality as well as experiences.

shadow self

Archetypal energy is just an energy form that has been customized to suit you. It is unique to you. Imagine these fields that give you the typical characteristics of a human being.

Even though this is so, there are four energy archetypes that exist within each person. They are the saboteur, the child, the victim, and the prostitute.

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The four archetypes are known as the shadow archetypes because even though they were meant to be clues that one was stepping out of their light energy and moving towards the opposite of that, they can work against you.

In this article, I will be delving into these archetypes and showing you how they are preventing you from succeeding.

1. The Saboteur

This archetype displays sabotaging energy that stamps its foot, crumbling up every opportunity that comes your way. It may be that you desire something and an opportunity comes your way to make that desire a reality.

Then fear, in every color and form that comes into play sabotages it. For example, I was to go to Dubai for vacation recently, everything from flight costs to accommodation was paid for and catered for.

All I needed was my passport and visa. However, I missed the opportunity because I talked myself out of it convincing myself that it was too good to be true.

Fear set in that I might get conned or duped while this was far from the truth. You could be sabotaging yourself in a similar manner by either believing non-truths or acting contrary to how you normally would in similar circumstances.

2. The Child

Here it is important to mention that there are positives to this archetype. The inner child spirit is always one that should be embraced, for is it not said that only a child gets to enter the kingdom of heaven?

Heaven in this case is an energy field where your spirit flourishes and sings in glee for it feels at home even though you are still on earth. Among the positive ones are the magical, the nature, and the divine child.

However, there are child energies that will work against you. These are the wounded, the abandoned, and the orphaned child.

inner child

In this case, this just means that one went through a traumatic experience as a child and it left a wound that never really healed even though they are now adults. These unhealed wounds affect them up to now.

A wounded or abandoned child sees the world as harsh, chaotic, and painful. This is the lens through which they see the universe and those are the kinds of experiences that come to them.

3. The Victim

With this archetype, one feels like the world works against them. They constantly feel sympathetic toward themselves. According to them, life seems kinder to other people.


Somehow this archetype is linked to the wounded/orphaned child because they too see the world through a victim mindset and that is what their reality becomes.

We are all creators and we create through what we put into our mind for these are seeds that become reality.

4. The Prostitute

Are you in a job because you love it? Is it an extension of you because you are so good at it? Do you wake up every morning excited to go to work or are you in it just because of the money?

prostitute energy

Are you in a relationship because of love or are you in it because of the benefits it provides?

Are you seeing where I am getting at?

If you are doing something because of its benefits even though it betrays who you really are then you are in this energy archetype! The prostitute energy.

So now that we have a better view of all the archetypes, how can one work to change these energies into positives?

What You Can Do

Like I said before, these energies are just markers meant to help you identify when you are stepping out of your light or heaven energy and embracing your shadow energy.

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So the most important this is to observe yourself, observe your mind and look at yourself keenly as though you were watching yourself from a balcony.

See how these energies are inherent in your life and if you can write them down. When you do so, you will know what steps you need to do to turn those situations around.

To conclude, everything in this lifetime was meant to work for you. These four energies test whether you are ready for the next level that life wants you to transcend into.

You are here in this universe to grow and evolve.

The energies present challenges to help you do exactly that. Bless them, then work with them. Heal, let go, go inward through meditation, intentional prayer, journaling and reflection and find the answers you seek.

Pass the test these energies present and you will find yourself embraced in this love energy of heaven and glee.

love peace joy prosperity abundance