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The sun casts its glow upon the horizon as it goes under and the shimmering wonder bathes the world in gold.

Another day has come to an end and I ask myself, have I been my best self today? Have I achieved happiness? The truth is that most of us act mediocre even though we are not.

Most of us just do things for the sake of it. I mean look around you. Look at the environment around you, buildings for example.

Do most of them wow you with beauty or leave a nasty taste in your mouth? Most of all, look at the quality of the work you produce.


Is it really the very best that you could have done, or do you just do it for the sake of it? Did you really put your heart and soul into it?

There is a reason why very few people achieve happiness and no, it is not about that hard work you put in. It is more.

It is about the love and the soul you put in into every activity that you do. This is what creates the difference in results. Everything is energy and even the product of your input responds to your love energy.

Unless you have found that which you really love, then dearest you are wasting away and you need to run.

The most common excuse will be that you do not have the financial luxury to just leave whatever you are doing and run off chasing happiness and the deepest desires that knock at your heart’s door every day before your eyes give way to sleep.


The truth is you do. The only concern is that it might not be the easiest path. 

You will need to jump off the cliff with no parachute and trust that you can fly. You will scrape your knee, get wounds and even break a bone or two but just like a bird learning to fly, you will need to fall as you realize what works and what does not.

Tell me, before a bird learns to fly, it knows it can but it does not know how to right? When it falls, it still trusts that it can fly, right?

The same goes for you. This might be the bravest step you could ever take. You will need to trust the guidance of your innermost spirit that simply asks that you follow your bliss.

Your happiness. Eventually, with a strong will, you will fly.

It is difficult for mediocrity to creep in when you really love what you do. Still possible but difficult. This is because you will put your love and soul into it and it will respond to this energy.

Something else, the discipline to go at it and produce the very best comes easy, for you are doing it for the right reason which is that it is an extension and an expression of who you really are.


When you take on this path, you realize that it is unique to you. Your cliff will not be the same as the other person’s.

The kind of skill you need to fly will not be the exact same one needed for another! The reason is, we are all different yet at the same time one energy.

When you ask someone, how did  you do it? Then they show you how and you try to copy what they did, there are times when copying that exactly will not work for you.

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You need to do it your own way and that is why the best way will be to look for the answers within you, where your originality resides.

After all, when you insist on copying exactly what another does, you become a copy instead of an original.

A copy can never be as good as the original but it can come quite close. What is more, being a copy may not be as fulfilling because the real impact, and real bliss, come only from being an original.

I am not saying that we cannot learn from each other. What I am saying is that there will be a time to do that, and then there will be a time to walk on your own.

Thing is, all the answers to your problems lie within you.  All the questions you need answers to can be harnessed within you.

The best teaching, therefore, will be to show you how to go within, to the depths of infinite intelligence where it all resides, and then follow the guidance yourself. Meditation is a gateway into this realm.


Have you found what you love doing? The world needs this gift, given with love, soul, and at its finest, through mastery, exceptional genius, creativity, and enthusiasm.

As you become this, you transform too. You evolve into the best version of yourself. This is why you should find your own unique path to success and happiness.

Start right now. Go to YouTube and click on guided meditation videos. Peruse through to see the ones that suit you best and begin at once.

The essence is to help guide yourself away from mind chatter, go deep within and start having a conversation with your spiritual self and have it guide you. Like everything else, it will take patience and practice. 

Most importantly, take the leap of faith. Trust that inner voice. Give life to your genius. The world needs it!

I send you love and light!

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