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Most of us have a desire to become wealthy right? We crave it. For those focused on the realm of the physical plane, it is the epitome of success.

personal growth

Money, riches, fame, glamour, and being admired by everyone else. It is an addictive concept that most of us are privy to.

Yet. Is it enough?

Does it solve all our problems or does it just present to us a whole other set of new problems?

Most of us think that wealth will bring happiness, yet in essence, it may make your life more miserable if you do not have the right tools to handle it.

Furthermore, money only gives you more of what you already have. People reach this state of money abundance then realize that it only gives them a high for a short period of time after which they start seeing how others have more.

personal growth

They normalize what blessings they have and decide to seek even more.

This hails from a bottomless pit that we each have inside us. Most of us think that this pit can only be filled with outward desires and this is what we end up doing.

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In essence, this desire is supposed to lead us inward,

It is supposed to help us tune in to our inward world, which in fact governs the physical plane and helps with our personal growth.

Wealth acquired before your inside is well developed is a recipe for disaster. Furthermore, your money eventually shrinks back according to your personal growth level.

As you grow towards becoming fully whole and strive for abundance in your life, this process should also be changing your inside self.

inside self

However, if it does not then the money itself will only make you transition into rich people’s problems instead of your evolution as it was meant to.

So it is important to begin by asking yourself these basic fundamental questions that help you start on this journey within and help with your personal growth. When your inside is sorted out, your physical plane follows suit automatically.

Question 1. Who am I?

This is not your name. It is not the label society has put on you or your profession. The fact that you might be a mother, father, student, or even the kind of job you do has nothing to do with who you are.

It is not your personality, even though your personality comes pretty close. The level I am talking about here is a higher level of consciousness.

It is the purest form of who you are and this question can only be answered by going inward through meditation.

Question 2. Why am I here?

This will give the road map and the blueprint plus that direction that your life takes.

Question 3. What are my gifts?

These are the tools you were meant to use to survive in this lifetime. Your gifts were to help you know how to best survive in this lifetime.


Question 4. How Can I Best Serve The World?

As you elevate in consciousness the focus normally shifts from the ‘I’ element of the self to a realization that in this lifetime, what you are really meant to do is to serve others.

Who you are and your gifts help know how you were ultimately made to serve the world.

love peace joy prosperity abundance