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Abundance. Prosperity. Plenty of times it has been said that imagination is more powerful and creative than knowledge is. Imagination can take you anywhere.

With imagination, you can create anything. In the world of imagination, there are no impossibilities. What is even more shocking and rarely believed by many is that what you imagine in your mind, you can also hold in your hand.


World inventions have come to be through the power of imagination! These ideas were conceived and brought to being through a flash of inspiration that presented themselves as an idea.

The idea was then given form further through imagination where a plan was put in place and the process of manifestation started.

If we truly can bring anything into fruition, how come we are still living lives of poverty, misery, unfulfillment, lack, and degradation instead of progress, hope, joy, abundance, and prosperity?

How come whatever it is we dream about are simply wishes that we have come to believe will forever remain wishes?

We now call them fantasies, fairytales, fiction. We have convinced ourselves that reality is harsh and cruel and people do not always get what they want.

In fact, people rarely get what they want.

Might this be you?


The physical world is an illusion of sorts seen through the lens of experience that one has gone through.

Do you not know that life will test you frequently before granting you access to what you seek? Do you not know that it will present a situation of temporary defeat just to test your faith?

Will you become like many who give up when this happens? Life gives its reward to the most resilient. It gives it to the person who has learned how to command life to bend to its will and not the other way around!

Life gives us what we have the courage to ask for and not just that but it expands and shrinks in proportion to the beliefs we have concerning it.

It will give you that which you imagine and then proceed to believe to be true. Imagination requires boldness, it requires guts and it requires will.

Whatever one wills, they can create.

This world is accessible to whoever wishes to activate it. It might mean that you might be the only one who will dare to believe in whatever you wish to imagine.

In your mind garden when you choose to plant this idea brought to you through this magnificent force, then the germination process begins.

It will mean that you will however have to weed out any seeds of doubt or spray with insecticide. Notice every insect or plant that will want to choke or destroy your idea.

Look upon it with intense belief and vision and rely on the pieces of insight that flash in your mind and put them to action immediately for they aid the germination process.


This path is one not taken by many because most of us are afraid.

We seek affirmation from the outside world instead of believing in the power of our world within which most people are blind.

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It means that you may have to walk alone for some time while most of us prefer company. It means that you will have to believe in your imagination or idea even when you are talked out of it.

Most humans in this present time, insist on seeing it with their physical eyes before believing it. In this world of imagination, you have to believe it first before seeing it. This is why it is a path less traveled.

Most people will read this and just pass through saying it is fantasy. Invention, wealth creation, and civilization have come to be through this process though.

Will you be one of the few who will read through this and be inspired to take action? To be a co-creator as you were designed to be?

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To get to the driver’s seat of your life and give life to the dreams you have within you once more? I hope so. I truly hope so because the universe is ready to give you what you seek.

It just wants you to ask and then evolve through the process of receiving it.

So how do you do it?

How do you navigate through so that whatever you imagine and comes to you like an idea, you can hold in your hand by manifesting it into reality? Tune in for the next article!

love peace joy prosperity abundance