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This might sound cliché but the journey of a thousand miles really begins with the first step. That step might be difficult to take because that path may not always be the easiest.

The path to your dreams, your truth, and your authenticity might mean rejection. Most might not understand it but would you believe in something if you were the only one in the world who believed in it?

small wins

It might be plagued with fear for though you know it deep down, no one else does yet. All inventions, for example, began in people’s minds for they created what was not there yet.

Each inventor had to believe it on their own for a while. Could you move past doubt and be this too?

One question to ask yourself however is what life will look like if you do not have the courage to walk the path that is truest to you.

Will you come to the end of life wishing you had more guts to honor your deepest desires and your dreams?

Will you excuse yourself and justify your reasons just as in fact you might be doing right now? Death has a way of suddenly putting everything into perspective.

The most profound question will be, did you live your life as per your deepest truth or become what everyone else and most of all, what society wanted you to become? You can change this answer right now.


When you do take that first step, celebrate it! Even if the next minute you fall down with a thud. The miracle of life and all that is in it lies at this moment now.

It is not in the past or in the future. Those are illusions. The palpable joy you need to feel lies in the now. The ego-mind has you thinking that the past was better and you wish to go back in time.

This may be so or the future seems more promising because right now shit is hitting the roof and you wish you could end it.

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You need to accept what is here right now, wholly and without judgment. Thank it, for you have created it without even knowing you were doing so.

Yes, this is how powerful you are. Then have the humor to laugh at yourself when you fall but after that get up, take a sip of courage water and take another step, honoring your highest truth at this moment now.

And as you take each step, celebrate it, loving yourself fully and abundantly, through it all. If you did not like your outcome, choose to create again, honoring your bliss.

This is how you grow. This is how you evolve into your highest consciousness. This consciousness is not a staircase, where there is a bottom and a top.


It is like drawing a circle. There is progress and advancement as you go along, up until you complete the circle and realize that there is no beginning and no end.

Once you reach this peak, then the secrets of life start to reveal themselves to you. They are not really secrets since it is accessible to the collective conscience which I call infinite intelligence.

However, as you step into your truth, the great conscience honors this purity for this is where it resides. This way, you tap into its wisdom.

Your evolution process is not a sprint. It is a marathon. More so, you have nowhere to be. You will just go round in a circle and come back to where you started when suddenly, it is revealed to you.

You chose to forget everything as you entered this physical realm. Otherwise, why would you do the marathon if you knew what it all entails already?

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There would be no fun in that! As you pick up the clues and figure things out then celebrate it! Again, this can only be done if you are grounded in the present moment for that is where the clues lie.

Your highest truth may not be the easiest path. I know this because I am walking mine right now. It might mean that you piss some people off, even those closest to you.

Your inner eyes are showing you the truth. Your truest desires, away from your ego are showing you what path to take and there are moments when this might feel like the scariest path you would ever take. 

However what I can promise you is deep peace, a state of bliss that varies but is still constantly there, joy, a sense of fulfillment, and a small guiding voice that helps you along the way, for you are never alone.


Each time you need it, the voice will be there. However, it goes quiet when you do not listen for it does not insist on its own way.

It never leaves and when you need it, it comes to hold your hand and see you through. This spirit self has the blueprint of your life.

Even though you choose and create your destiny as you go along, it guides you on whether what you choose serves your highest purpose or not.

So why do small wins matter? It is small that make the whole. Your life is not changed by the big show or action that happens after ten years.

Your evolution lies in what you do every moment of every day. It lies in honoring your truth through it all. It lies in finding the magic in each second as you go along.

So who are you really? What is your highest truth? Can you take that first step right now and find that out then let the leap of faith carry you through it?

love peace joy prosperity abundance