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Most of the world’s problems lie within us than without. Our view of the world is only as we have experienced it than in any way.

Within us, each individual is a genius with an ability to build or create something magnanimous, a talent, beauty, goodness, and love. But then within us too, lies the ability to destroy and possess darkness in equal measure, just as light.

Ugly Hearts

What kind of family do you suppose Hitler grew up in? What about those who waged war in Vietnam? Second World War? What of those who rape? Kill? Beat people up? Terrorists? What of those who mug and steal? The world would be a much better place if fewer of these people existed right?


These people did have a childhood. They grew up in families. What kind of families do you suppose they came from?

These people seem to have black hearts but the fact is that they have a capacity for good too. Many of their choices, if Sigmund Freud lived to this day, would attribute it to their childhood, to their experiences, to some dark things that some of them are likely to have gone through.

The truth is that all human beings have a capacity to have black hearts too, if we chose to, or if life treated us unkindly and we found ourselves making misguided choices.

Imagine growing up in a family that took little care of your needs, a family where you were beaten for trivial mistakes.

No one comforted you when you cried. A childhood where since you were six months old and began realizing that you are an individual different from your parents, you were scared because you were abandoned when you needed it the most.

It may be that your parents died or your caregiver never cared for you. A world where your parents threw about more insults than encouraging words.

parent scolding child

Alone In This World

A bleak world where your mistakes were magnified and your successes never acknowledged. A world where you never knew warmth, love, and acceptance simply because your caregivers may have been bitter with the world to ever give you the kind of family others had, or simply lacked love for reasons best known to them.

To you, the world is threatening, dangerous and bleak, unloving, punishing, and unjust. It is as if you are being punished for being born and you are a mistake to this universe.

This is your reality and this is what you grow up believing. This is your truth for you have not known or experienced any other.

You find it hard to associate with the joyful upbeat personalities and you constantly get jealous of their seemingly ‘perfect’ lives.

You are angry with the world for punishing you like this and you wonder what you did to deserve all this. It is either that or you feel deeply insecure like you matter less, you are not good enough, you are a pain to those around you or you are not wanted.

But then you are introduced to this crew. They are trouble alright. They fight, rarely smile, loot, take ‘shisha’ or ‘marijuana’ and other hard-core drugs.

One approaches you one day you are welcomed to be part of them. This is magnificent because you have always felt like a reject and trust nobody.

Their world matches yours because they talk about their experiences and have these philosophies about the world being unfair, lonely, and unjust and that one has to survive it.


Finally Understood

For the first time in your life, you feel understood and feel like you belong. For the first time in your life, you feel like you have a family.

They tell you it is okay to unleash anger and wrath. After all, the world does not care about you at all. They tell you that they have ‘things’ that can help you deal and cope with the pain and soon enough, you are initiated into drugs.

Societal rules do not matter, they say, and it is okay to be a rebel. School no longer matters and you skip school. You are now in a gang.

School is for normal people with perfect families, acting all nice and proper when your parents send you to sleep hungry quite a good number of times.

Maybe they are alcoholics or also into drugs and taking care of you is just not their priority. But then you were born smart, very smart.

You get into stealing for the fun of it.  Feel like punishing the world for spitting at you in the face and this is one way to do it.

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You are the mastermind of your group and while on the wrong side of the law, you are on top of your game. It gives you joy that you are always five steps ahead of the police.

Your parents made a mess of you and made you see other children differently. When you were old enough to think for yourself though, you had the chance to acknowledge that not all people were like your parents.

Not Everyone Is The Same

When other people acted nice to you, you had a choice to acknowledge the fact that not all people were like your parents.

When other people acted nice to you and you chose to distrust their intentions, you had another choice to revise your mindset and see other people as good and that apart from your group, they are capable of love and acceptance too.

You had a choice to believe that maybe the world is not as bad after all. Your friends convinced you into drugs but society dictated otherwise.

You had a choice to revise your mindset and decide for yourself what was right for you. Realizing you were bright, you thought creatively, could solve complex problems and understood concepts far much easier than your peers, and made a decision to use them for the ill in society.

A voice called conscience told you not to but you justified your reasons and did it anyway. This is your world and even though your family instigated it, you made a choice to reinforce the darkness in it.

What if you had a chance to experience goodness, where from a very young age your needs were catered for, where you received warmth and love and light. Where your life was filled with smiles and laughter.


Your mistakes got reproached lovingly and your achievements celebrated and your confidence was well-founded. Receiving hugs and kisses before you went to bed and your self-esteem soared.

You knew what it meant to love and could express it openly. That your caregivers would always be there for you when you needed them and your sense of security grew.

You served diligently, believed in good virtues, believed in the goodness of people’s hearts, and believed the world was a good place to live in.

Seeing The Light

Studying to be a doctor, you dedicated your brilliance to finding the cure for cancer and HIV/AIDS. You are making progress each day and you are determined to succeed.

There were moments in this life when you were tempted to revise this view too. You experienced betrayal, were backstabbed, and learned not to trust everyone all the time.

You also experienced situations when you felt like distrusting the whole world. But then you chose to trust anyway.  Deciding that you did not have to change your view just because a few people caused you pain.

You faced difficulty at times but then had to revise your map again and decide if what you believed was also true.

These are two situations, totally opposite with two outcomes but then in each situation, you were faced with opportunities where you could change your mindset, revise your life map and make a choice to be or not to be, to change, or to remain the same.

You had a choice to choose your map to suit your reality and this is the reality in life. We are always faced with choices.


Each one has got imminent power and despite everything. You can choose light or darkness, good or bad, evil or virtuous, kindness or resentment, love or hatred.

Our choices then determine our reality. They have an impact on whether we will build or destroy our society. The world’s problems in most cases emanate from within, and not from without.

I send you love and light!


Love, Laughter, Peace, Joy, Prosperity, Abundance