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You are ENOUGH!! Remember your childhood, when all was sunshine play, and confidence? A time you laughed without giving a damn and without shame? You wore your heart on your sleeve and said what was bothering you openly. When you danced, sang, played, and shone your brightest? Did you feel like you could be anything you wanted to be? There was no worry! There was no tomorrow! In fact, I never wanted to grow up!

In that moment of childhood, all of us are whole. We shine like we were designed to shine, in fulfillment and in alignment with who we really are. At that moment we are all suns and we are all stars. Lions and lionesses, kings and queens of our own dynasties.

And then something drastic happens.

It is called growing up or experiencing a harsh world.

We start a school where we are taught uniformity. Uniqueness is not appreciated. We are taught to follow rules, to behave as told, we are taught how to think and what to think. When we do as expected, we are praised, when we fail to meet the standards set, we are taught that there is something wrong with us and we should be like someone else, and emulate them so that we are also praised.

We fall and at times people laugh. At times no one gives an encouraging hand. When they laugh, we become ashamed and interpret it to mean we are not enough. That there is something wrong. We may see other people being praised and us ignored, and interpret it to mean they are better.

Society then places us in social classes. We are told that to be important, we have to own certain things, talk a certain way, associate with certain people, get certain grades, eat certain things, look at certain things and act a certain way. It’s called commercialism where media feeds it to us constantly that unless you meet certain standards, and live or look a certain way, you are not as important. You are not enough.

For example, owning a car makes you important. Living in a big house makes you important. Having gorgeous beauty under your arms makes you important. Owning an iPhone makes you important. Wearing make-up makes you more sophisticated. In today’s world, it does right?

We are then taught what success is.

We are taught it is owning certain things, acquiring education to a certain level, being known by certain people, and having money.

Notice a pattern in all this? Our inner light deems because as we have been taught, we do not conform to certain things. For example, if we do not get that many likes on Facebook or Instagram, most of us feel insignificant right? The lioness and the lion that ruled their dynasty in their childhood now becomes a church mouse, whose importance is pegged on the mercy of everyone else.

We then look up to Beyonce and Jay-z. Jack Ma, Chris Kirubi, Churchill, Oprah, and Nikki Minaj and wonder how lucky they are and we are not failing to realize that these people simply retained their dynasties, owned up to their power, and chose to be their own rulers.

The key is to unlearn all that you have been taught.

To uncondition yourself from all the things that have been fed into your mind, to cleanse your mind and reconnect to your inner sanctuary where you are whole and you do not need to prove yourself to anybody by being anything! That is a hard pill to swallow even for me. We shine our brightest when we are most pure and in touch with our inner being, where our most significant source of power resides.

Being the child you were again, with freedom, curiosity and a quest for life, enthusiasm, and purity of purpose are what you need most to leave a mark in this world, which is what all of us yearn for in one way or another.

You were not born to make a living! You were born to continue your soul’s journey, to fill your spirit by being true to yourself and following your bliss!

Each person, reading this is a lion and a lioness and most of us are living like church mice! Growing up damages most of us. We were forever to look inside us, not outside, for inside is where our power lies, yet society tells us to look outward, to compare, and to compete!

Follow your bliss dear friend! Shine your brightest! You have nothing to prove to anyone! You are ENOUGH!

 But first, you have to reconnect with your inner star! But how d you do that?

Well, there is one way to do it. It is not the only way but it is superb for beginners.

Read the following and then try it.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself at the top of a balcony. When you do this for the first time, your thoughts will be running helter-skelter! It gets easier with time.

Be calm. Breathe slowly. In and then Out. Deeply and calmly and then as you imagine yourself at the top of a balcony, watch the thoughts below as if you were watching kids play on the playground from on top of the balcony.

Simply observe the thoughts with no judgment. Do not try to change them. Let them be. Judging them will be awakening the ego once more. The ego is associated with the mind and thought.

When you do this you will notice that there is a part of you doing the thinking (ego) and there is a part of you doing the observing (higher consciousness). What does this mean?


Thoughts are simply a tool of manifestation as you create. When you disassociate from thought, then you get a glimpse of nirvana where everything feels perfect and you realize that you are perfect. You get to create your heaven on earth.

A balcony exercise is a form of meditation. The more silent your thoughts get over time, the more you start realizing that there is another type of voice. Still. Small. Quiet and connected to your higher consciousness. Some call this the voice of God, or the voice from the language of the universe.

All in all, you are enough!

Your wounds, your pain, addictions, failures, weaknesses… You get the drift. All these are from the makings of the ego. You are created perfectly. Any imperfection is learned from world experience as you grow.

But then again you are also born with archetypal energies that you can still transcend. These energies are to help you navigate your world as you work to achieve your purpose.

So what is it going to be?

Will you step into this realm that is your birthright where you feel enough, or wither away with scrapes of perfection that barely encompass the power of your perfection?

I send you love and light!

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