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When finding out how to live your dream life, you realize that every moment in life is a gift and the universe is constantly trying to align us to the miracles in life. Miracles are an everyday, every-moment affair.

The reason why most of us do not experience it as so is because we are not aligned with the frequency and the vibration that match the miracles we seek. This is because our minds are dipped in a hip of mud negativity that prevents us from seeing the diamonds of life.

How can we change it? How to live your dream life.

First, we need to understand that most of the human population has been etched in a fog of negativity that has literally blinded us from our gifts.

Each moment is a gift. You are a gift. Everyone is gifted. Many of us may not be in touch with our gifts.

This is where openness and flexibility come into play. For openness to occur then we need to go inward and have a conversation with our inner being or Source.

After that then we need to align ourselves with the answers that come from there. This is one pathway towards discovering how to live your dream life.

how to live your dream life

Tuning to Source when discovering how to live your dream life.

Source is the still small voice that comes from deep within us. Some call this the voice of God. Others call it the voice of truth while yet, others call it the voice of the unconscious.

This presence, or consciousness is always at our beck and call and in constant communication with our being.

Trust it and listen. When you ask, what is my gift? What is my gift? What is my gift? The universe or Source responds. How about you ask it right before you go to bed. Ruminate and meditate on this question deeply right before you go to bed, you will wake up with the answer.

Wonder why this is? It is because the subconscious mind is robotic in nature and answers each command you give it. You will sense the answer in the morning.

how to be positive every day

Be open to what it is trying to guide you towards.

When asking what your gift is, you may also want to consider those things you do that evoke moments of bliss. What is it that you loved doing as a child?

Is there anything that makes time stop still and time pass without you noticing? For example, might an hour feel like five minutes? What do people tell you that you are good at? This is key to knowing how to live your dream life.

Ask yourself what it is that beckons your heart. Find out what it is that brings out your joy, peace, and sense of fulfillment. Something you would do for free, even if the world came to a standstill.

Is there something you would do just for the joy of it? What growth level are you at right now?


Openness is aligning yourself with that which is trying to emerge from within you. Something as unique as your fingerprint that only you can bring into this realm. A set of passions screaming for your attention.

You will notice that you do not just have one gift but a set of gifts. These gifts evolve as you put them to use and suddenly evoke sparks of genius intuitively present in the collective unconscious. They then birth them into the present world through you.

Your gifts set out your mission. You are needed here. These gifts that only you can bring are needed in the present world.

You agreed to incarnate at this present time, to help the universe evolve through your own personal growth and evolution. By transcending yourself, you are transcending the universe.


Flexibility simply means setting aside your preconceived notion of what it is you think you are or who you think you are and letting life surprise you.

It is about flowing with the river of life and swishing with the tides while looking for the gift in every moment. These moments require that you say yes, to what is being birthed through you.

Flexibility requires confidence in how the universe unfolds. It requires trust that every precious occurrence has a gift attached to it, even though it may come wrapped in an ugly gift wrap that screams pain.

At this moment it will take courage to unwrap this gift. The gift may be a music box that turns your whole experience into magic.

 As you seek how to live your dream life, your dream life is also trying to find you.


What therefore is Receptivity? I would describe it as alignment with source or our truest nature. Alignment with our gifts and our path in this lifetime. It is being open to what is trying to emerge through us. Bundled with this gift are joy, peace, and abundance.