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You can have all that you desire because within you is the power to do so. The only issue is that most of us are not in touch with this power.

This power is sacred and normally revealed to those who are ready for it. In its pure form, however, it requires that you detach from the false self (ego) and seek your highest truth, where unconditional love in its purest form resides.


In this space, is where this power to bring to form that which you truly desire and infinite intelligence, that knows all the answers to your problem resides.

Your ego-identified state which in this case I call the false self controls the mind. The best way I can describe this is you have forgotten who you really are.

This anatomy describes it perfectly. 

You are a drop of water taken from the ocean and placed in a cup somewhere.

At first, you identified yourself with it because your elements matched. Though this is so, with time, you forgot who you are and no longer remember that you and the ocean are one and the same. 

A time comes when you are dropped back into the ocean and immediately, you remember. Can you imagine the power the ocean possesses?


Can you visualize what your power becomes once you reunite with the ocean? This is the power that lies dormant within you.

This is the power that you possess for you are God-energy and you are one with God and everything that exists in this universe and beyond the galaxies, planets, solar systems, and the entirety that exists in space. You have forgotten this because of your false self.

This is why I say that you are perfect. In the world of the ego, you believe that this is not so, for your weaknesses stare at you and you might even scoff at this.

Let me ask you this.

Would you say that white blood cells have weaknesses just because they are not red blood cells? On what premise would you lay your claim?

Would you say that pineapple has weaknesses compared to a passion fruit? See where I am getting at?


You have more strengthened areas or rather more developed or advanced areas than you have others. These areas are your strengths or your gifts.

They come to you with ease. Some other areas are less advanced and it is so with good reason. In this lifetime, your gifts tell you what some call your purpose is, or give the details of what your sacred journey here entails.

Your less advanced areas are so because even before you came to earth, you decided you would not need them as such. You chose to have it that way.

What you believe is what comes true for you. As long as you are made to believe something even if it might seem most bizarre at first, repeated enough times, it starts to sound true and this is what becomes true for you.

That is why the media is a conditioning tool.

It is where most of us spend most of our time-consuming content.

Movies, news, social media, shows, programs, and television, in general, are programming tools. The only issue is that this programming may not be serving your highest good and honoring the ocean power within you.

This power that I talk of is inside each being. It is found in the miracle of the Now moment when the mind goes silent.

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That is how we un-clutch ourselves from the fangs of the ego for it thrives in time be it past or future. Stop for a minute and observe your thoughts.

You will realize that it is thinking about the past or vested in the future and hardly taking in this present moment, yet this is where the ocean power is.

You need quiet time each day.

The mind is one of the best tools ever created but instead of using it as a tool, most of us have ended up being used by it.

The best way to correct this is by having quiet moments when the mind lessens its insistent chatter and shuts up.

One way to do this is through meditation and there are plenty of videos to use on YouTube depending on what suits you best. 

Through meditation, you can start asking your inner guidance who you are and have it communicate with you.

This will be different from what personality tests, your society, parents, friends, and zodiac signs have told you that you are.

You can then ask it your intuitive self what your gifts are. These will act as a road map as to what your purpose here entails.


The thing is you can do anything. However, you will find that you are more suited for some than others just like a red blood cell and a white blood cell are suited for different functions.

The answers emanate from your chest area mostly.

This is why it may be called listening to the heart. Also, there is normally a sense of immense peace and joy as the answers come to you.

There might also be a sense of light within you but each person has their unique experience! It will not be so easy when you begin, because your mind will fight you.

False self never wants to die. It will take practice. To remember who you are and your oceanic nature and power make it worth it though.

Tell me how it goes?

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I send you love and light!
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