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We have all been wounded in one way or another. Some people are aware of these wounds and they choose to go through a healing process.

For some, these emotional wounds are there but invisible and they are a ticking time bomb waiting to explode.


We are not aware that we have these wounds and we are a walking disaster waiting to happen.

Negativity is something we learn. We are not born with it. It stems from fear which is the opposite of love energy, the true definition of our essence.

We get negative when we react to things because we match it to what happened in the past.

We get scared that things might repeat themselves or even be worse. 

The bottom line is that negativity hails from two sources. We are either in pain because of our past experiences, or anxious and worried because of what might happen in the future.

Both are illusions. In reality, we are never in the past or in the future. We are forever in the present moment.


The past was once a “that happened and we cannot go back”. The future, even if it is ten minutes away is a “that will happen when that moment arrives”. 

We are in pain because we refuse to accept our present moment wholly and fully. We either think that the future will save us by making things better or that the past was better than what is right now.

So we wish that things would be like that again.

Therefore, to totally move past it then we need to accept the now moment fully and without judgment whether desirable or undesirable.

The truth is this moment ‘just is.’ We are the ones that tie a specific meaning around it which makes us hate it or love it.

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Unease, anxiety, stress, tension, worry, and all forms of fear are caused by too much focus on the future and very little acknowledgment of the now moment.

On the other hand, guilt, regret, resentment, grievances, feeling like a victim, bitterness, all forms of not moving on, and not forgiving those who have hurt you is caused by too much focus on the past and not enough acknowledgment of the present moment.

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The remedy?

Focus on the now. Most people think it is impossible not to be burdened by negativity when in fact, there are those who live without it.

This can be you too. This liberated self is what your spirit yearns for.

One way to do this is by observing your thoughts. Try this right now. Put everything down and observe what is going on in your mind.

More so, observe how you are feeling without judgment. Feelings are thoughts expressed through the body. What are your emotions telling you?


Can you see that you are not entirely your mind and you are not entirely your body? There is a mind, there is a body, and another spirit energy. You are a three-part being.

Then move into the now by noticing your breathing. Take note of your heartbeat. Look at the surrounding you are in as though you were seeing it for the first time, taking in everything.

Use your senses fully.

What can you smell? Touch and feel? What can you taste? Hear?

Take it all in. Move deeply into this moment. Can you feel an energy shift? Can you feel your mind taking a break?

This is how you turn it around. When you completely accept what is right now, then you can choose whether to change it or not.

The answers will come to you. The stillness of the mind that this exercise provides enables you to listen to the inner voice of your spirit energy.

This is where all the answers you need lie. It enables you to live in the moment and forget the illusion of time.

love peace joy prosperity abundance