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Self-actualization can be compared to weather seasons. We love it when the sun is out and is warm and bright and a part of us always wishes that this was always the case. Plenty of us hate the rainy season. We do not realize that however much we want the sun, we also want nature to restore its glory by being green and colorful.

For this to happen then rain has to also be welcomed. We may hate the mud but then does the dust not become too much when the sun shines for so many days? The rainy season, however much repugnant, is also necessary for the earth to heal, provide water, cool itself, and enable growth in nature.

This is similar to life. It also has its seasons.

For self-actualization, there is that season when we want to kick and scream because life is pulling at us from all sides and it sends us blows of all manners.

Then gently, it guides our being as it shows us how to respond when it does so. It is a kind teacher but to get your attention, it may get a little rough, showing you that this matter needs to be addressed. It then gets intense in degrees up until you finally listen and respond.

As creators progressing towards self-actualization, we tell life what we want right? Close our eyes and make a wish? Life or the universe then tells us, “Your wish is my command dear one. Firstly though, I am going to test you. In this current state, you are not in a position to receive what you ask for. You will not handle it as should. You need to grow into that which you ask and for that to happen, I am going to test you, then train you. I will keep testing you then training you.” And so it begins.

It may then send ‘calamities’ your way just to assess you and show you where you are currently at this point and areas you need to work on. How do you respond to these problems? What attitude do you have?

Do you ask, “I can see you have visited me here once again dear friend (calamity)? What are you here to help me remember?” Do you do this or do you start swearing and saying curse words that would make the devil want to cover its ears?

 You do know there is no devil right?


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The more you swear at it, the more the blows keep hitting you from all corners.

This means that you sitting in that negative energy which makes that energy give birth to more babies of its kind and the blows keep coming. It does this with increasing intensity until such a point when you are almost giving up and at your wit’s end. And then it tells you to listen, to stop screaming, and listen.

When you do so, it tells you that the negative energy you are sitting in is what makes you believe there is an existence of a devil and it is against you, yada yada yada! It shows you how you are the devil giving birth to demons because you are creating your present reality! self-actualization thus eludes you.

It then tells you that if you blessed the first calamity, sat down with it, and asked it to show you what it has come to help you remember, you would see how kindly it would guide your being.

You decide to try it and in that instant your energy shifts and you feel like an angel because suddenly, there is light and a wave of peace that engulfs you. It then reminds you that you have created that energy too. It shows you how you can be a devil and an angel, or a god and a devil. Your eyes open up and you sit in the driver’s seat of self-actualization.

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The truth is life is your friend.

It is your guide. It is there for you and never against you. It may be telling you that you need an attitude change. It may be telling you that you need to work on an area in your life and that is why there is a constant cycle of something happening again and again. It is here to show you your path. It is here to guide you to your highest truth and make self-actualization your reality.

The truth is you are a god fast asleep and having temporary amnesia! Imagine how much power a god has? Life however is busy pouring cold water on you and sending you clues so that you awaken fully! Things may not be working for you so that you remember? You have lived past lives before! That is why you experience things like Deja Vu.

Your soul knows everything there is to know! In this present life, however, you have temporarily forgotten most of it and the spirit is trying to help you remember! It is trying to wake you up? It is whispering to you that you should connect to it! Things not working out is an indication that it is time to go within and it is ready to show you how.

I send you love and light!

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